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I started ringadvisers.com because I am a guy who got engaged and found the process of buying an engagement ring for my fiancé extremely hard. 

Specifically I struggled with the following:

  1. What kind of ring would my finance love and be proud to wear?
  2. How much would this ring cost me and why?
  3. How was I going to finance and insure the ring?

In the end of the day I bought my girlfriend a ring because society (and she) told me I had to. I wanted her to enjoy the ring but I didn’t want to break the bank. 

Ultimately, the process of buying a ring was somewhat convoluted, confusing, and expensive. I did ample offline and online research and educated myself about different ring types, diamonds, and designs. 

I take pride in my attention to detail but so many of the places I looked dumped facts and figures on me that were irrelevant to my buying decision. With that in mind, I figured that there had to be a better way.

This website is my answer. I want to help other guys like me – busy, employed, active, thoughtful, and trying to knock the engagement ring buying process out of the park.

I want to help you avoid the pitfalls that I experienced. I took notes during my buying process and have eliminated all the noise. I don’t care about gemology or the specifics of the “4cs”. I wanted a ring that got the job done and that made my girlfriend happy. That’s it.

So this website focuses on that. If you don’t know anything about buying rings, this website will help you. Specifically I have answered the following:

  1. What you need to know when buying a ring.
  2. How much that ring will cost.
  3. What the ring looks like.
  4. Some reviews from other guys so you can get social proof that the ring works.

I had never purchased a ring before and, after my car and college degree, have not purchased anything as expensive.

If you are like me you want to go above and beyond to make your girlfriend happy without dulling out too much money in the process.

When I first thought about proposing to my girlfriend, I realized that I had anxiety stemming from the process of buying a ring and what to expect. I had been on a few websites and done online ring shopping next to my girlfriend. Naturally the rings she thought looked best were the most expensive ones.

I needed a solution. I wanted to buy a ring that didn’t eat up 3 months of my salary. I didn’t want to waste too much money fulfilling this socially constructed obligation. Every year in the US 2 million men propose to their girlfriends.

For the vast majority, they will pay over $5,500 for the ring. That is a lot of men spending a lot of money. But why is the process so complicated? Because those that sell rings want to maintain their information asymmetry. They want you to spend more. Period.

This website is built by men, for men, to help you – a man – get educated about rings so that you can pick an engagement ring, get your girlfriend to become your wife, and move on.

At a high level I have one simple goal: get this part of the marriage process checked off your To Do list. If you want that, you are in the right place.

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