10 Alternative Engagement Rings We Love

Alternative engagement rings are not characterizing by a single set of features. Instead, these rings step away from tradition as far or as little as you would like. Alternative engagement rings can come in a variety of styles, but what truly makes them stand out is their uniqueness. Do you love the look of a heart-shaped pink gemstone? Or perhaps you envision your favorite flower for your engagement ring. The possibilities are endless when it comes to alternative engagement rings.

Characteristics that can make an alternative engagement ring are the shape of the stone, the color of the metal, the shape of the band, and even the style. You can choose a beautiful and classic diamond in a unique setting and make it your own. Or, you can choose an alternative stone such as black onyx or blue topaz. The fun part about alternative engagement is that you can choose anything from your birthstone to geometric shapes.

Choosing an Alternative Engagement Ring

The fun part about an alternative engagement ring is that you can pick from a wide variety of stone cuts, band metals, shapes, and styles. You can mix and match classic and geometric styles. You can choose an asymmetrical band for an oval-cut gemstone. Maybe you want to go for the romantic and cute look of the heart-shaped stone. Choosing an alternative engagement ring kickstarts the beginning of a fun and exciting wedding, honeymoon, and marriage. The possibilities are endless when it comes to alternative engagement rings.

What can I use instead of an engagement ring?

You can use anything to represent and celebrate the love you and your fiancée have for each other. Some people choose to wear a necklace, others choose an alternative engagement ring with a stone that isn’t a diamond, and some people prefer to not wear anything at all. It all depends on what you like and see yourself wearing for the rest of your life.

Is it okay to not have a diamond engagement ring?

It is completely okay. Diamonds can be very expensive and some people just don’t have the budget for it. If you want a colorful stone on your ring, a colored diamond can be even more expensive than the classic colorless option. While diamonds are the most durable stone, there are other gemstones that are durable as well and you won’t have to break the bank. Some gemstones can have symbolism that speaks to you. All that matter is that you are happy with your ring, at the end of the day.

What is a good alternative to a diamond engagement ring?

The more durable the stone, the less careful you will have to be when wearing ring on a daily basis. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires stand between 8 and 9 in Mohs hardiness scale, in which 10 represents the most durable stone. Be careful when choosing gemstones that are too soft, they can get damaged very easily. As long as the stone is at 6.5 and up in the scale, it should be okay for you to wear it on a daily basis.

Beautiful Examples of Alternative Engagement Rings

If you want an alternative engagement ring that strays away from the traditional round cut solitaire diamond ring might be an overwhelming experience. However, there are many engagement rings out there that look unique. Many jewelry companies allow you to fully customize the perfect ring for you. Alternative engagement rings take inspiration from flowers, the Art Deco era, and asymmetry.

The geometrical style of rings from the art deco era add a bit of a twist to the traditional engagement ring. This beautiful ring features moss agate stones and a beauty yellow gold band and framing. Read more...
Floral engagement rings are a unique option that adds an extra touch or femininity. This engagement ring features a daisy with marquise diamond petals and an orange sapphire in the middle. The simple yellow gold band ties the ring together. Read more...
This unique yet gorgeous rose gold engagement ring features a baguette-shaped morganite and sapphires surround the gorgeous stone. Read more...
This lab-grown diamond flower engagement ring from Netaya features the classic and traditional look of the diamond while adding a twist with the flower style. Read more...
A trendy take on the beautiful diamond accented rose gold band, the ring features a triangle-shaped diamond alternative that ties the ring together perfectly. Read more...
This beautiful emerald-cut smokey and rose quartz creates the perfect ensemble with the diamond rose gold band. A simple yet unique engagement ring option. Read more...
The open style of the engagement ring adds a unique twist. The oval-cut of the morganite glistens with the dazzling diamonds that surround it. Read more...
This Netaya ring adds just the right amount of a celestial touch to the classic engagement ring. The star design is adorned with 45 diamonds creating a dazzling engagement ring. Read more...
This engagement ring features a bright purple oval-cut amethyst resting between the gentle curves of the diamond rose gold band. Read more...
In a gorgeous combination of the sparkling marquise diamond framed by smaller diamonds, this beautiful ring has a unique contoured yellow gold band also covered in dazzling diamonds. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Alternative Engagement Rings


Capucinne has a wide variety of beautiful jewelry, including wedding bands and engagement rings. They also offer beautiful and unique pieces, as well as fully customized options. The Capucinne team works hard to make sure that you get the ring that looks exactly the way you want.


Netaya has beautiful, handcrafted designs that use ethically sourced metals, diamonds, and gemstones. The company brings the finest jewelry at an accessible and affordable price that allows people on a budget to purchase dazzling rings at a fraction of the price. For over 20 years, Netaya has focused on making beautiful jewelry that lasts a lifetime at prices to enjoy everyday.

Diamond Nexus

Netaya has beautiful, handcrafted designs that use ethically sourced metals, diamonds, and gemstones. The company brings the finest jewelry at an accessible and affordable price that allows people on a budget to purchase dazzling rings at a fraction of the price. For over 20 years, Netaya has focused on making beautiful jewelry that lasts a lifetime at prices to enjoy everyday.

James Allen

James Allen has a wide variety of engagement and wedding ring options. The company allows you to fully customize the ring that you envision by allowing you to select the specific stone type, size, and shape, as well as the metal and the design of the band. James Allen has everything from affordable to luxurious engagement rings.


Jared offers an incredible selection of beautiful jewelry in all price ranges. The company is a founding and certified member of the responsible jewelry council and ranked as one of the non-governmental organizations most committed to responsible sourcing of gems and mining. Jared also offers free lifetime guarantee on their diamonds and gemstones so you can have peace of mind.


Kay opened its first storefront in 1916 and the company has lived through many changes over the years. However, the love and exceptional service has continued to shine through. Kay has unique selection from amazing designers and offer great customer service online and in-person. Kay also offers lifetime guarantee on their diamonds to make sure that your ring lasts as long as your love, forever.

Alternative Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

When looking into alternative engagement rings, you can definitely find something a bit more affordable than when only looking at diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are very durable stones, but they can be very expensive. If you want a colorful center stone for your ring, colored diamonds can be even more expensive than the traditional white ones. If you still want the look of a diamond for your ring in a unique style or band shape, lab-created diamonds are another more affordable option and look just as beautiful as the natural diamonds.

Alternative Engagement Ring Metal Options

Although alternative engagement rings try to stray away from the look of the traditional engagement ring, the traditional metal options are the ones most used in this style of rings. For a warm-toned ring, yellow and rose gold look beautiful. If you like cooler tones, palladium, silver, and white gold are great options for you. Of course, you can change things up by paring warm-toned stone with a cool toned ring and vice-versa. The point of alternative engagement rings is that you make it your own.

Common Settings for Alternative Engagement Rings

The most common setting styles when it comes to alternative rings are the prong, which give the engagement a minimalist look and allows the stone to be the center of attention. The halo is also popular and a dazzling option that features diamonds or other gemstones surrounding the center stone. The Floral engagement ring is one of the most unique options, different flower can symbolize different thing. For instance, the rose symbolizes love and passion, while the daisy symbolizes innocence. This style of ring creates a romantic design that is unique and not too obvious.


If you want a unique ring, then an alternative engagement might the perfect one for you. It is all up to your imagination whether you like the look of a traditional band with an alternative stone, or if you love the beautiful flower style. With alternative engagement rings you can choose the stone, metal, shape, and style you love the most. Who wouldn’t love a fully customized engagement ring that is unique to you and has all the characteristics you love?