10 Black Engagement Rings We Love

Black engagement rings are very unique and edgy. Black diamonds, for instance, are luxurious but in some cultures, it is believed to bring bad luck while in others it is believed to bring riches and happiness. While the black diamond is an expensive black stone option, the onyx and smoky quartz are more affordable yet beautiful options as well.

Because of how neutral black is, the engagement ring can come in a variety of metal band colors and all of them look gorgeous with the deep colored stone. Furthermore, black rhodium bands look beautiful and match anything and everything. This edgy engagement ring option brings a unique twist to the traditional engagement ring with a colorless diamond and silver band. Another unique aspect of the black engagement ring is that it will look beautiful in any style. Whether you love the geometric style from the Art Deco era or if you want a solitaire with a dazzling black diamond. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this gorgeous and dark color.

Choosing A Black Engagement Ring

For the fashionable and edgy woman, black engagement rings are a unique and beautiful option. Whether you prefer the look of the black metal, the deep black onyx, the smoky quartz, or the luxurious black diamond, there is an option that is perfect for you.

What does a black engagement ring mean?

Although the color black is often associated with death, grief, and darkness, the black diamond has a different meaning. This beautiful stone symbolizes authority, power, strength, and passion. The color of the black diamond occurs because of sulfide deposits in the stone that create a dark hue. Another black stone is the onyx. The gemstone symbolizes protection and balance, reflecting negative energy and emotions away form the wearer. Another option is the black or smoky quartz. This unique gemstone is believed to be associated with clearing the air of negative energy.

Is a black diamond ring a good engagement ring?

Black diamonds are one of a kind and rarer than any other diamond color. This beautiful stone can be found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. It is in one of the most expensive colored diamonds because of its rarity. The black diamond is one the oldest diamonds in the world. While this stone option is not the most affordable, it is a unique and perfect find for the fashion-conscious woman who loves the classy yet edgy look of a black engagement ring.

Are black diamond engagement rings bad luck?

Some cultures believe that black diamonds bring good luck. In Italy, for instance, the married couple that touched a black diamond would have good fortune and all their troubles would go away. In India, on the other hand, black diamonds were said to bring death because of their resemblance with snake or spider eyes.

Beautiful Examples of Black Engagement Rings

When it comes to black engagement rings, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to go with a black and diamond ring with a white gold band. For the romantic ladies, heart-shaped black stones look beautiful yet edgy. Black rhodium plating looks beautiful with the dark stones. The smoky quartz has a unique design to it that is a showstopper. The best part is that any metal looks beautiful with a black stone and you can even mix and match metals.

Dazzling white diamonds frame the beautiful oval black diamond set east-to-west. The black diamonds bring the yellow gold band even more to life creating a stunning view. Read more...
This ring features a rich black oval-shaped quartz set in rose gold prongs that twist into a unique design. The sterling silver band has dazzling diamonds that create an edgy look. Read more...
This unique ring features a sterling silver band with rose gold and rhodium accents. The round center is embellished with round-cut black diamonds and the band is traced with sparkling white diamonds. Read more...
The oval onyx looks beautiful accompanied by two snakeheads. The sterling silver in black rhodium band covered in diamonds makes this ring look edgy and unique Read more...
A unique yet romantic black diamond is the center stone of this beautiful engagement ring. Black diamonds cover the rose gold band creating a stunning look. Read more...
This engagement ring features a round black diamond and unique detailing all over the band. An impressive work of art for an engagement ring. Read more...
In a unique geometric style inspired by the Art Deco era, this unique engagement creates a beautiful yet simple statement with the black diamonds and yellow gold band. Read more...
This gorgeous yet delicate ring has a princess-cut black diamond as the center stone and white diamonds encrusted into rose gold band. Read more...
The black oval diamond shines bright with the smoky grey surrounding diamond cluster in this white gold engagement ring. Read more...
This black and white diamond engagement ring is a dazzling work of art with the split-style band design and additional black diamonds on it. Read more...

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Black Engagement Rings vs Diamond Engagement Rings

If you want to stray away from the classic silver band and white diamond engagement ring, black engagement rings are a good option for you. While the black diamond can be more expensive than its’ colorless counterpart, it adds a unique and edgy twist to the traditional engagement ring. If you want something more affordable, the onyx is a beautiful and durable stone that will still give an edge to the engagement ring. Black metals are also beautiful and unique.

Black Engagement Ring Options

There is a variety of black metals for engagement rings, such as black cobalt and black gold. For a more affordable option, black rhodium plating is great because it gives the edgy look of the black metal without breaking the bank. Black diamonds, black quartz, and onyx are all neutral stones. You can mix and match metals as much as you and they look beautiful with yellow, white, and rose gold bands. There is even the option of mixing metals to create a truly unique edgy engagement ring that will be a statement piece.

Common Setting Styles for Black Engagement Rings

Since the black diamond is so beautiful and dazzling, the prong setting is the most common. This setting elevates the diamond, making it the star of the show. You can also find geometric settings inspired by the Art Deco era that look beautiful by themselves, but also stunning when paired with a shaped wedding band. You can also find black engagement rings in various band styles from the traditional to the split-style.


Black engagement rings are for the edgy and fashionable woman who wants an engagement ring that will match any outfit out there. With a wide variety of options, you can choose dark metals or stones to make the ring exclusively yours. Whether you love the smoky look of the black quartz or the uniqueness of black diamond, the combinations are endless. Because black is such a neutral color, any metal band looks great with it.