7 Cobalt Wedding Bands We Love

Cobalt is a pure element that is group of transition metals. This is similar to other metals such as titanium, platinum, tungsten, silver, and palladium. It is a naturally magnetic metal which makes it quite unique. Cobalt chrome specifically has been used to make cobalt wedding bands for the longest time. These rings do not retain the magnetic property of cobalt. The reason for this is that cobalt alloys used in making wedding rings are mixed with chromium and tungsten. They also have some amounts of silicone, iron, carbon, manganese and molybdenum. While most cobalt wedding bands use these alloys, there are some that use nickel. They should however be avoided by people who have nickel allergies. 

Cobalt, out of all the modern wedding ring metals like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel, resembles white gold more than any other. Rings made from cobalt are often likened to platinum, however cobalt chrome has a lighter shade to platinum and also more akin to the glistening, reflective appearance of white gold that has been rhodium-plated. Cobalt alloys are often referred to as cobalt chrome because of their high chromium content. This is a comparatively recent metal that had not been used for jewelry till recent times. Cobalt wedding bands are accessible in comfort fit band designs and their light-weight makes them a perfect choice for many.  These wedding bands have an exceptionally high scratch resistance and retain good condition even when subjected to everyday wear.

Choosing a Cobalt Wedding Band

The retailer

Ensure you buy your cobalt wedding ring from a trustworthy company. The retailer ought to mention the estimated color and clarity grades for the diamonds in cobalt diamond wedding rings, regardless of how tiny the diamonds are.  Prior to actually buying a cobalt wedding ring, make sure you measure your ring finger at least several times. The majority of cobalt wedding bands are accessible on the internet from online retailers.

Your budget

Despite the fact that cobalt is a very strong metal, the consistency of cobalt alloys may differ tremendously. Lower cost cobalt alloys utilized in producing wedding rings could contain nickel, and they might not be quite as scratch-resistant or durable as higher-quality, tougher alloys. Cobalt wedding bands, according to CNN Money, were some of the most affordable options for today’s modern partners. A standard cobalt band will cost you at least about $200 and $300, whereas a platinum band will cost you at least around $1,900. This renders cobalt a desirable metal.

The color

If you want black cobalt wedding rings, try to ensure the cobalt is completely black and also that the black color isn’t produced from a plate, such as an ion plate, which might scratch and fade over time after only a few months of everyday wear. Similarly, if you’re going for a two-tone effect, keep in mind that the design is done with an inlay. Once again, do not go for  cobalt rings made with some kind of plate.

Is Cobalt good for wedding rings?

Cobalt rings are resistant to scratching, breaking, and losing their shape. These wedding bands are solid and long-lasting. Comfort fit band designs are available in cobalt wedding bands, and their light weight makes them a popular option for many. Cobalt resists tarnishing, damage, and scratching, making it suitable for a wedding band. 

Which is better: titanium or cobalt rings?

Titanium and cobalt rings are much more scratch resistant than any precious metal, including platinum. While titanium rings are less scratch resistant than cobalt rings, they are both shatterproof. Unlike cobalt chrome, titanium seems to have a darkened look, which may be a crucial factor in someone’s choice between the two.

Can a cobalt ring be cut off? 

Despite popular belief, cobalt rings may be cut in an event that requires it. Because of its toughness, it can take some time to cut off compared to gold or platinum, but it can be done safely. There are metals that prove relatively hard to cut through but cobalt is not one of them.

Beautiful examples of Cobalt Wedding Bands

If you despise having to clean your jewelry, cobalt may be the material for you. Cobalt is resistant to tarnishing, injury, and scratching, making it ideal for those who live an active life or operate with their hands frequently.  It is not scratch-proof, so you’ll have to take good care of it, though it is a lot simpler to manage than platinum and white gold. Cobalt rings come in a variety of shapes, designs and setting styles. Here are some of our favorite rings that are available in cobalt metal. These rings would be a great choice for someone who specifically wants a cobalt ring. 

This ring is part of the James Allen Cobalt collection. The ring features a long lasting natural luster that does not discolor or fade over time. The rings interior is polished to make it easy for the ring to slide in and out of your finger. The ring has a width of 6.5 mm. Read more...
This wedding band has beveled edges and a wood grain inlay. The ring is crafted in black cobalt and has width of 8mm. The ring is fashionable, stylish and a great way to make a statement. Cobalt is bio-compatible, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. Read more...
This men's wedding band has a wood grain inlay and is crafted in cobalt metal. The cobalt band is an 8mm high-polished comfort-fit with beveled edges. The metal on the ring is a mixture of cobalt and other alloys that add strength and high luster to the ring. Read more...
This wedding band for men has a a colorful Realtree AP® camouflage inlay. The ring is crafted in cobalt that is sleek and durable, and it is 8.0mm wide. The ring has a buffed luster and hammered edges to complete the look. The shank gives it a comfortable fit. Read more...
This stylish unique ring has a 5.0mm inlay of Gibeon meteorite that stands out. The 7.0mm-wide ring is fashioned in cobalt that is durable and sleek and it has Widmanstatten lines that give it a dramatic pattern and look. The ring has a polished finish. Read more...
This wedding band is crafted in cobalt and features a Nexus Diamond™ alternative. The ring is 7.75mm wide and has a total weight of 9.70 grams. A masculine accent is created by two parallel grooves that surround the center. Read more...
This bold means wedding band has Celtic knotwork designs that are quite smooth. It signifies strength and ancient beauty. The ring is crafted in cobalt and it has a total weight of 13.30 grams. The ring is 10mm wide and though it cannot be resized, you can get an exchange. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Cobalt Wedding Bands 

1. James Allen

James Allen is among the best websites to visit for a high-quality wedding ring. There are many wedding bands to choose from, just like there are cobalt wedding rings. On the James Allen site, there are a number of high-quality photos of the cobalt wedding rings that give you an idea of what they offer. You can magnify the ring in 360 ° HD to show all of the details on the ring.

2. Zales

Zales has always been a great retailer with a large selection of wedding rings as well as engagement rings. There are several bands to choose from at Zales, including cobalt wedding bands. You can also create a custom template of your ring based on your preferences. For both cost and value, a cobalt wedding ring from Zales is an excellent option.

3. Diamond Nexus

When it comes to wedding bands and other forms of jewelry, Diamond Nexus is yet another leading retail company. They have high-quality wedding rings, including a large selection of cobalt wedding bands. In terms of style, content, and efficiency, a Diamond Nexus ring is an excellent option.

Cobalt vs Titanium wedding bands 

All alternative metals are enticing because of their resilience. The design of a wedding band must always be long-lasting.  In comparison to conventional gold and silver wedding bands, titanium and cobalt rings are much more scratch resistant than any precious metal, including platinum. Although titanium rings are somewhat less scratch resistant in comparison to cobalt rings, both of their rings tend to be shatterproof.

Titanium and cobalt are both light metals in terms of weight. Titanium is sometimes pointed to as a featherweight metal, and the term “aircraft grade” refers to its lightweight utilization within the aerospace industry. Numerous men appreciate the uninhibited sense of certain light metals because of this. For women who find tungsten to be a little too strong, cobalt and titanium are a fantastic pick while not losing too much toughness.

The color difference between these two materials is striking. Cobalt is classified as a “white” metal. The polished variant of cobalt chrome wedding bands and cobalt bands resembles white gold or platinum in very many instances. Titanium bands, on the other hand, are better characterized as silvery-grey or metallic. Titanium seems to have a darkened appearance unlike cobalt chrome, and that could be the key determinant in someone’s decision choosing between the two.

The hardness of cobalt and titanium metals is similar. However, cobalt was found to be slightly tougher than titanium. As a consequence, it can be polished to a far higher level. Cobalt bands have a more vibrant sheen in comparison to titanium bands, which can appear dark when contrasted. A ring’s hardness, in addition to its polish, dramatically improves its scratch resistance. The tougher an alloy is, nevertheless, the less malleable it is. The more malleable a ring’s metal is, the more intricate of designs it can be designed into, in layman’s words. Because of their malleability, cobalt and titanium can be fashioned into just about any ring design.

Styles that go well with Cobalt Wedding Bands

The selection of cobalt ring styles has indeed been growing as a result of its rising popularity. However, there is a limitation with what jewelers can do with the metal. While it is possible, combining gemstones and cobalt into intricate designs is difficult. Intricate metal work on cobalt rings is uncommon. 

There is also a cap on the number of cobalt wedding bands available for women, since it is regarded as a much more of a masculine metal. This will change in the future, though for the time being, it is the reality. That said, cobalt can be found in a number of finishes which include satin, brushed, hammered, and textured. They are also in a variety of thicknesses, moldings, metal and gemstone combinations, as well as etched patterns.


Cobalt isn’t especially rare, ranking 32nd in based on global availability. Despite its lack of rarity, it is a desirable metal that is classified as a Critical Raw Material because of its significance and multiple uses. It’s now used to make super-alloys and solid magnets. It has a wide range of applications, such as the technology and medical fields, and also jewelry. These rings are durable, which makes them a great fit for someone who lives a very active lifestyle.