Costco Engagement Rings: Everything You Need to Know

Buying an engagement ring at Costco is a common activity. Recently, a Costco customer spent $600,000 on a diamond engagement ring and received recognition during the company’s earnings call with investors on Thursday. This came about a year after someone spent $400,000 on an engagement ring at Costco.

If you feel like spending $100k+ on a Costco engagement ring, feel free to head on over to their website and put in your credit card information.

But here is some more information on Costco, Costco’s engagement rings, and some advice for those considering a purchase.

Does Costco Sell Engagement Rings?

Yes, Costco sells engagement rings.

Costco offers its members high quality jewelry at a great value.

Costco has an internal team of GIA (the GIA that established the 4Cs of Diamond Quality) Graduate Gemologists that inspects every diamond. They only sell natural and untreated diamonds.

Does Costco Financing Jewelry?

Costco does not finance jewlery.

Retailers who are set up to specifically sell jewelry are able to offer financing for engagement rings. Stores such as James Allen and Amazon offer engagement ring financing options. If you are in need of finacing, online stores like this will allow you to propose sooner. Unfortunelty Costco will not.

If you are going to buy from Costco and need financing you will need to turn to other sources such as a credit card.

Does Costco do Jewelry Repair?

Costco recommends you have your jewelry inspected every six months by your local qualified jeweler. Everyday wear, changing the size of a ring, or altering a piece of jewelry may result in worn metal and loose or lost gemstones.

A professional jeweler can assess the general condition of your jewelry and perform any needed maintenance.

Does Costco Resize Engagement Rings?

Costco does not resize the rings they sell.

So, if if you are unsure what your partner’s size is they will have to get their engagement ring resized at an independent jeweler. Resizing a ring can cost anywhere between $20 and $200. But if you buy your ring directly from a local jeweler, they will likely resize free if charge.

If you design your own ring online you won’t incur the headache of having to resize a ring. Also, most online jewelers for engagement rings offer free resizing,

Does Costco Offer A Jewelry Warranty?

When you buy an engagement ring from Costco you are largely on your own.

Costco recommends that you should immediately insure your purchase in order to protect your investment. Insuring your engagement ring is great advice but compared to others selling engagement rings online their offering is severely lacking.

Check out the James Allen warranties which include prong tightening, rhodium plating, re-polishing, and cleaning. These services are not offered by Costco, so if you are looking for a more helpful partner in your engagement ring purchase, be sure to shop around

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