9 Different Ring Stone Types

There are so many stone types to choose from when looking for the perfect engagement ring. Maybe there is a certain stone that speaks to you, but have you looked into its’ hardiness rating? Depending on the stone you choose, certain ring styles will be better for it. The options are endless when looking into the wide array of options of ring stone types, colors, and shapes. Even more important, maybe you love the look of a diamond but not so much the price-point. Don’t worry. There are plenty of options out there that look like a diamond without breaking the bank.

How Do You Choose A Stone for A Ring?

Choosing the perfect stone type for your engagement ring can be a challenging experience. There are a few easy steps that will make this experience a lot less daunting. The first thing to consider is the hardiness of the stone, the harder the stone the more durable it will be. The next step is to consider the different shapes that best suit the stone you have chosen. For instance, the heart shape is a romantic and cute choice. It can work with various ring stone types, including diamonds and gemstones. The oval and marquise shapes elongate and slim your finger. It all depends on your personal style and which one of the ring stone types you like the most.

How Do You Identify Jewelry Stones?

When identifying jewelry stones, there are some telling characteristics that will help you a lot. The first identifying feature to look at is the appearance of the stone to the naked eye. Gemstones are usually clear and have a smooth texture. Next you should examine the color of the stone. Colorless stones shouldn’t have any hue or tint of color in them, the clearer the more valuable it is. When it comes to colored stones, the darker the color, the better quality the stone will be. The value of the stone is determined by its carat size, which is used to determine the purity of the stone. Therefore, the higher the carat the larger and purer the stone will be. If you are still not sure what the stone is, feel free to talk to professionals. They will do more tests like specific gravity, refraction index, and more to understand what and identify the stone.

What Stone is Best for Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a very personal piece of jewelry. You plan on wearing it for the rest of your life, so the style must match your preferences. If you are someone who is always on-the-go, more durable and hardy ring stone types are best. On the other hand, if you are always careful and don’t mind having to take the ring off for some activities, a softer stone won’t be a problem. The Mohs scale will help you when it comes to the hardiness of stones. Stones that are above 7 in the scale are usually the most durable. For example, a diamond is a 10 in the Mohs scale. Stones that are much lower in the scale, like the pearl which is a 2.5, are much easier to damage and require great care.

What is The Cheapest Stone for Rings?

When it comes to pricing of ring stone types, there are a couple factors that play into the cost. The rarer a stone, the higher the price, and the same goes for the bigger the stone, the more expensive it will be. Certain ring styles like the solitaire tend to be less expensive because it doesn’t have any diamonds surrounding the gemstone. Furthermore, the pricing also depends on whether the gemstone is natural or lab-created, the latter being the more affordable option. The options are endless when it comes to the perfect engagement ring. There is surely one that will fit your budget.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Cushion-Cut Lab-Created White Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold
Cushion-cut white sapphire and diamond engagement ring

The sapphire is a 9 in the Mohs scale. The gemstone is usually known for its’ deep blue color. However, if you enjoy the look of a diamond or a colorless stone, but don’t want to break the bank, the white sapphire is a good option. The stone is very durable and symbolizes freedom, justice, and purity. This cushion-cut lab-created white sapphire ring is a beautiful and affordable choice from Zales. The beautiful white sapphire is the center of attention with the shining surrounding diamonds. 

Emerald Ring

Yellow gold engagement ring with emerald and diamond cluster
Emerald and diamond yellow gold engagement ring

The emerald is another beautiful and durable choice. The deep green precious stone is at a 7.5 to 8 in the Mohs Scale, making it durable for day-to-day activities. This emerald and diamond cluster ring from James Allen is a beautiful choice for the woman who doesn’t want a big ring, loves the vintage look, and enjoys the pear shape of the emerald. Emeralds bring successful and unwavering love, a beautiful way to symbolize the commitment of an engagement ring.

Opal Engagement Ring

Oval Opal, White Topaz and Diamond Accent Frame Ring in Rose Gold
Opal, white topaz, and diamond accent frame rose gold engagement ring

The beautiful opal is at 5.5 to 6.5 in the Mohs scale. You will need to look after it very carefully. However, this oval opal, white topaz, and diamond engagement ring from Zales is a showstopper. The rose gold band makes the stones shine beautifully and the white opal is a gorgeous stone. The opal symbolizes faithfulness, confidence, and creativity.

Spinel Ring

Grey spinel and vanilla diamonds engagement ring
Grey spinel and diamonds engagement ring

Spinel is a durable stone that comes in a wide variety of colors, such as black, blue, pink, green, and grey. Because of this, these gemstones are often mistaken for colored diamonds. The spinel is at 7.5 to 8 in the Mohs scale and it is a timeless vintage stone. In this Jared ring, the grey spinel looks beautiful surrounded by diamonds creating a work of art of a ring. The gemstone encourages great passion, devotion, and longevity.

Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite and Diamond stone types Engagement Ring in White Gold
Alexandrite and diamond white gold engagement ring

A beautiful purple gemstone, the alexandrite is at 8.5 to 9 in the Mohs scale. This unique gemstone is very durable and it comes from Russia, India, Brazil, and Tanzania. The most affordable option for this stone is the lab-created version which is just as beautiful. This gorgeous alexandrite ring from Zales is perfect for the woman who loves the vivid color of the gemstone. The alexandrite is considered to bring good luck, good fortune, and longevity to the wearer.

Ametrine Engagement Ring

 Ametrine, amethyst, and diamond stone types Ring in Sterling Silver with Rose Rhodium
Ametrine, amethyst, and diamond engagement ring in sterling silver with rose rhodium

The ametrine is a unique stone that contains both amethyst and citrine. This gemstone is a 7 in the Mohs scale and its unique purple and golden combination looks gorgeous. The emerald-cut ametrine looks beautiful in this rose gold ring from Zales with trillion-cut amethysts on each side of the stone.

Composite Diamond Ring

Composite Diamond stone types Engagement Ring in White Gold
Composite diamond engagement ring in white gold

Made up of several diamonds combined to create a larger diamond cluster, the composite diamond ring is a stunner. This is a more affordable option if you like the look of a big diamond ring or if you want to create a custom ring. This gorgeous composite diamond ring from Zales gives the look of a solitaire ring with a big diamond without braking the bank.

Iolite Ring

Emerald-Cut Iolite and Diamond stone types Ring in Sterling Silver
Emerald-cut iolite and diamond engagement ring

Iolite is a stone that varies in color, from a cloudy greenish-grey to a bright purple. This gemstone is a 7 to 7.5 in the Mohs scale, meaning they are durable and a more affordable option if you love the look of sapphires. This emerald-cut bar ring from Zales gives a unique look to the traditional engagement ring and won’t break your bank.

Rhodium Ring

Morganite and Diamond Frame Ring in Rose Rhodium Sterling Silver
Morganite and diamond engagement ring in rose rhodium sterling silver

Rhodium is used to increase the strength, durability, and brighten the metal of your engagement ring. This beautiful rose rhodium sterling silver ring from Zales is a gorgeous option if you love the look of the rose gold but don’t want to break the bank. The stone is a morganite that is a 7.5 to 8 in Mohs scale, meaning it is durable and will last you several years. 

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