8 Engagement Rings for Men We Love

Engagement rings are not traditionally for men, but there are variations in some areas. Both women and men wear a plain engagement ring on their left ring finger in certain Scandinavian and South American countries. Partners nowadays, on the other hand, are more likely to come up with their own guidelines. Some of these include having engagement rings for men. Women rarely initiated marriage in heterosexual relationships less than two decades ago. 

Proposing was seen as a man’s duty, and same-sex marriages were prohibited. Even if it isn’t fully recognized as the rule, it is no longer unusual for a woman to propose to a man for marriage in these current times. Many same-sex partners are also now marrying. The engagement ring signified the husband’s possession of the woman in Roman traditions. These traditional values and rituals had changed by the 19th century, and the two people in a marriage are beginning to be treated equally. 

Younger couples are eschewing conventional weddings and marriages in favor of creating their own unique milestone occasions. Jewelry design as well as fashion evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, an increasing number of jewelers are offering exclusive engagement rings for men. Although several jewelers continue to sell traditional wedding bands as engagement rings for men, others have expanded their offerings to include rings specifically made for men. Men’s engagement rings have become increasingly common due to cultural factors.

Choosing Engagement Rings for Men

Men’s engagement rings are certainly not as extravagant as women’s. There is a wide range of types to choose from, most of which have tiny diamonds or gemstones, as well as special engravings. Titanium engagement rings are becoming a true favorite among men in recent years. This is thanks to their sleek, fresh, and simple designs that still give a little swag through small diamond pieces. The twin line design is another prominent titanium ring model. It has a touch of symbolic meaning that corresponds to a marriage. These designs can be kept basic with the color matching the rest of the band. They can also be a little more fun with bold colors like blue or black emphasizing the twin lines, dependent on style choice. For rings that have diamonds, make sure that it comes with a GIA certificate. 

The finish

Rings with groove details or contrasts across the polish and matte are popular among men who are not used to wearing jewelry, especially rings. Keep it simple yet tastefully timeless. Men’s engagement rings are typically more durable. This is due to the fact that many men participate in physical labor on a daily basis and are thus more vulnerable to damage. It does not always affect design. For a playful look, contemporary engagement rings for men are available in odd colors. Some color options could be black bands with colored fiber moldings.

Are there engagement rings for guys?

There are several men’s rings on the marketplace that can be used as an engagement ring from well-known jewelry brands. Many smaller jewelry designers also have attractive designs suitable for a men’s engagement ring. Purchasing rings is a really personal activity, and you should find one that he would enjoy.

What kind of ring do you propose to a man with?

Conventionally, an engagement ring is given when you propose, and afterwards the wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding. The two rings are worn on the very same finger, and engagement rings may be made with elevated settings to make sure that they are properly aligned. Get a ring that you know aligns with his tastes and preferences. 

Who buys the engagement ring for the man?

The most common method is for the bride-to-be to pay for the groom’s engagement ring and/or wedding ring plus a present, while the groom covers the bride’s engagement ring as well as her wedding band.

Beautiful Examples of Engagement Rings for Men

There’s a men’s engagement ring choice out there for every man. This is whether you want a traditional look or a ring that is just as special as your engagement. There are some that feature a variety of diamonds or gemstones. There are also those that are simple and do not have any additional features. At the end of the day, the kind of engagement ring that you get for your man or that he chooses for himself should be one that he likes. Check out some of our favorite men’s engagement rings below to get you going in your search

This exceptional men's engagement ring features 4 lab-grown diamonds that are lined on alternating bands. This ring has a 7mm wide band that is crafted in matte finish metal. The total carat weight of this ring is 1/5ct. Read more...
This men's engagement ring features 3 lab-grown diamonds embedded on the band. The ring is 7mm wide and as a total carat weight of 1/5ct. The double groove on this ring adds a modern feel to it. Read more...
This stunning engagement ring features 10 lab-grown diamonds that are in double rows of milgrain. The band of the ring is 6mm wide and has a total carat weight of 1/2 ct. The diamonds have an average clarity of SI. Read more...
This exquisite engagement ring fir him features lab-grown diamonds in a set of three. The band of this ring is 6mm wide and has a total diamond weight of 1/10ct. This Arden's ring is crafted for a lifetime of wear. Read more...
This captivating ring is an expression of stability and strength. The band of this ring is 6mm wide. The ring has a total of 8 diamonds with an average clarity of SI and color grade F/G that have a total weight of 1/4ct. Read more...
This appealing ring for him features 14 lab-grown diamonds that surround the band of the entire ring. The ring is 4mm wide and has an average clarity of SI. The total diamond weight of this ring is 1/3ct. Read more...
This men's engagement ring features three round diamonds at the center of the band. The band of this ring is 8mm wide and is made out of black ion-plated stainless steel. The total weight of the ring is 1/20 carat. Read more...
This 8mm stainless steel band makes a great engagement ring for men. It has round diamonds that are within the carved details of the band. This rind had polished edges, a brushed finish and a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat. Read more...

Best Places To Buy Engagement Rings for Men 

1. Clean Origin

If you are looking for men’s engagement rings and other forms of jewelry, Clean Origin is the company for you. They have high-quality engagement rings, including a large selection of men’s rings. In terms of style, content, and efficiency, a Clean Origin ring is an excellent option.

2. Jared

Jared is the place to go for all of your moonstone men’s engagement ring needs. Jared is a reputable jewelry company that specializes in high-end rings. With over 274 locations around the country, This company must be doing something right. To view the wide range of men’s rings they have accessible, go to their website.

Diamond Engagement Rings for Men 

Many people would ask on a constant basis if it’s “natural” for a man’s wedding ring to be set with diamonds. The real response is that it’s your ring, so you can do whatever you want about it. You get to choose which wedding ring will go on your finger in the end, maybe with the aid of your wife. Others’ views can be ignored in the process because they will not be wearing your ring. Diamonds add some style to a man’s engagement ring. They make the ring look sophisticated and have that modern feel to it. There are a variety of diamond engagement rings for men and the one you opt for should be something that you are comfortable with and will enjoy wearing. 

Engagement Rings for Men Metal Options 

When it comes to making your final decision, the metal you choose for your ring is absolutely crucial, as it can affect not only how it appears, but also variables such as cost, upkeep, and care. Many couples today purchase rings that are either identical or diametrically opposed. Sit down with your partner and examine the various metals you both have in mind if you want to fit the metal in their engagement ring. The rarest among all precious metals, and also the most strong, whitest, and long-lasting is platinum. Without the need for rhodium plating, platinum produces a consistent white shine that is often characterized as unmatched. Palladium is also extremely common among aspiring grooms. It has properties similar to platinum, like corrosion resistance, a consistent shine and hypoallergenic properties. Gold and sterling silver are also great options as a metal. Silver is easier to source and far more cheaper to buy.

Common Setting Styles for Engagement Rings for Men

Men’s engagement rings are all circular, but there are a variety of structures to choose from. There are three distinct types of men’s engagement rings. The first is a dome, also known as a D-shape, on an engagement ring. A dome structure on an engagement ring gives it a rounded appearance on the surface and sides, which some men prefer. The next one is a flat. A men’s engagement ring with a flat shape is precisely what it sounds like.  The ring has a band without any curves and straight edges. A concave is the third shape. The alternative of a dome is a concave structure. The ring’s surface curves inwards towards the center, giving it a unique shape.


Although the diamond engagement ring receives a huge amount of attention, the man’s engagement ring is an important part of the celebration especially because it also marks the beginning of the wedding planning process and a unique way to honor him. Choosing the ideal men’s engagement ring is a smart way to involve the groom in the wedding plans while also ensuring he loves his ring. You can try to find out what he likes beforehand so that you can choose something that is in line with his taste and style.