How to get a ring off – Everything you need to know

Whenever anything happens to make a ring to get stuck on your finger, it can be really frustrating. It can even make you feel anxious at times. Many people have at some point put on a ring that was a bit too small, only to have it get stuck. Maybe it is a swelling that is causing the ring to get stuck. The most important thing is to maintain your composure. It is not going to help you to panic about the ring getting stuck on the finger. Take it easy and collect your thoughts before taking the next step. 

How rings get stuck

Rings can get stuck on a finger in a variety of ways. Among the most popular methods is when you put on a ring that wasn’t the right size for your finger. Getting the right ring size for your finger is very important. Make sure you get the perfect measurement so that you do not have to deal with getting a stuck ring on your finger. Another way that your ring will get stuck is when your finger has evolved as a result of wearing the ring for a long time. Human beings change. Over time, the clothes that used to fit you may not fit anymore and this could be the same case with a ring. When you see your finger size is changing, it would be better to change or adjust the ring sooner instead of waiting until it becomes dangerous to have on. 

Your finger getting swollen as a result of an accident or trauma is yet another way that a ring can get stuck on your finger. Accidents happen, and when it does, you need to know the best way to handle the situation. Another common way that a ring may get stuck is when your knuckles have become swollen after you put the ring on, probably due to arthritis. It could also be that you’re storing fluids as a result of your diet or a medical condition like kidney or thyroid disorder. These are all a multitude of ways that a ring can get stuck on your finger, among others. While sometimes it is something that happens out of your control, you need to find the best ways to remove the ring without causing any pain or harming your finger. 

How to get a stuck ring off a swollen finger 

Getting off a ring that is stuck on a finger can either be an easy task or a difficult one, depending on the circumstances. First and foremost, do not be alarmed. If you try to pull on a ring that is stuck on your swollen finger, all you can do is irritate the finger and make things far much worse. Alternatively, you can try wiggling and twisting on the ring. Pull strongly but not too hard. Instead of keeping your hand rigid, relax it. If none of the above works, don’t force it. Before you attempt again, you should try to minimize the swelling on the finger. 

Reduce the swelling first

The very first thing to do when a ring gets stuck on your finger is to find ways to reduce the swelling. You can run cold water over it for about 10-30 seconds. Afterwards, you can try to wiggle the ring off without too much difficulty. Other ways you can deal with swelling is to limit your salt consumption while increasing your water intake. Since finger swelling is worse in the morning, start the removal process in the evening hours or in the late afternoon. Make use of gravity’s effect to help with natural circulation and venous return. Maintain an elevated position with your side. This would significantly minimize swelling. After that, you can wash your fingers in cold water or in an iced-water bath. Cold water causes vasoconstriction, which reduces swelling almost instantly.

Use a lubricant

While reducing swelling is beneficial, you may also use a little lubricant to help with removal. Peeling, pain, redness, and additional swelling are all reduced by lubrication. Butter, cooking oil, petroleum jelly, soap, or a strong moisturizing cream are all excellent choices. You may also apply hemorrhoids cream which is particularly effective at reducing inflammation. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to your ring and then gently roll it sideways. You can feel some pressure or pain, but with a little perseverance, you will be able to remove the ring comfortably. Do not attempt to move the ring forward by tugging or pushing it.

When it comes to removing a ring from a swollen finger, commercial glass cleaners (such as Windex) have the additional advantage of reducing the chance of bruises, strains, or stains on skin or jewelry in addition to careful ring removal. Prior to actually attempting the removal, please ensure you spray the glass cleaner all across your finger. Once you have done this, gently take out the ring without pulling at it. 

Alternative ways to remove a stuck ring

1. The dental floss/string method

The most popular method for removing a stuck ring on a finger on the internet is to use dental floss or string. It is a recommended method that is also safe. Underneath the ring, loop a thin string or a dental floss. Start wrapping the string all around the finger from the other end. Make sure the thread is uniformly and securely wrapped through the bottom knuckle. Start unwrapping the string in the very same direction as the end which was slipped under the seal. As the string is unwound, the ring should pass over it. Unscrew the string and seek prompt medical attention if the ring cannot be taken off.

2. The tape/duct tape method

This technique entails wrapping tape around the upper portion of the finger. This is the part where the ring would slip over in order to allow swelling to decrease/relocate for long enough for the ring to slip over it. Wrapping tape around your finger just beneath the ring, lubricating the tape as well as the ring, and then attempting to slip the ring down and over tape is something that many people have tried and quite often succeed with. Since the tape is wound tightly around the knuckle, it holds the loose skin in place a little better. This makes it much easier to slide the ring down over the knuckle. A thin tape, like scotch tape or anything similar, is the safest kind to use. You should avoid using thick tape because it will undermine your aim.

3. The plastic wrap method

When it comes to removing rings, some people believe in using plastic cling wrap. Simply pick a small piece of plastic wrap and secure it around your finger right above the ring to loosen the ring. Add a lubricant, like petroleum jelly or dish soap abundantly to the cling wrap as well as on the ring at this stage. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before pulling both the cling wrap and the ring down at around the same time. The plastic wrap works by giving you more opportunities to pull and remove.

4. Using soap and water

The soap and water approach is one of the most common methods for individuals who have had a ring stuck on their finger. Simply soak your fingers in warm water, then apply a generous portion of dish soap to the finger, massage it into a nice lather, and gently slip the ring down and up till the soap reaches the underside. Most of the time, this will suffice, and the ring will slip off with just a little effort. Don’t be discouraged if this strategy fails since you can try all the other choices to consider.

The ring just won’t get off – Getting it cut

Consider having the ring resized once it is no longer trapped on your finger to prevent a potential incident happening again in the future. A respectable jeweler can resize a ring by cutting the ring shank and adding adequate metal to make the ring larger. After that, they’ll weld it together. Ultimately, they will polish the ring until the difference is almost undetectable.

When to get medical help for a stuck ring

Before attempting to extract a ring that is stuck, consult the doctor especially if it is painful. You may have a cut or wound on your finger, or both, whether the swelling is due to an injury. Your doctor may be able to suggest alternatives that will help you prevent more harm and infection. If your finger is broken and you’re not sure what to do, go to the nearest emergency room. Seek medical attention if your finger is swollen, discolored, and/or numb. It is better to get help before any permanent damage is done.

Ring resizing

Consider having the ring resized once it has been removed from your finger to prevent a potential incident happening again in the future. A respectable jeweler can resize a ring by cutting the ring shank and adding adequate metal to make the ring larger. After that, they’ll weld it together. Ultimately, they will polish the ring until the difference is almost undetectable. The overall cost is determined by the type and quantity of metal used, as well as the time spent by the jeweler. The metals that are usually suitable for resizing include silver, gold, and platinum. Resizing rings made of metals such as stainless steel and titanium is not possible. Reputable retailers such as James Allen, Zales and Jared can resize a ring you purchased from them. 

Precautions to consider for a stuck ring

  • Never attempt to physically remove a ring that is stuck. This can alter the ring’s shape and make it much more difficult to remove.
  • Do not undertake removal if you are feeling extreme pain or mild pressure in your finger; instead, seek professional assistance.
  • Never attempt to remove a trapped ring if you fear a fracture or dislocation of a finger. This will raise the risk of injury and significant tissue damage.
  • Get in touch with a healthcare provider if you notice tingling, discoloration, or a loss of feeling along your finger. The trapped ring can be removed using advanced procedures.

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