Knowing What She Likes – The Engagement Ring Buying Guide

The Quick And Dirty - There are many types of engagements rings based on a variety of styling options. We summarize the most popular and unique types of rings. 

Choosing an engagement ring in secret while your fiancé is entirely in the dark is a bold maneuver that is reserved for power players. You should at the very least find out the metal she prefers, what stone shapes she likes, and also how many carats she aspires to have on her ring. 

If she is more of a jeans and boots kind of girl, you’ll want to get a ring that is simple, clean, and subtle. Consider an antique or antique-inspired ring if you haven’t seen her in anything else other than vintage clothing. 

If she works with her hands all day, such as a physician or a landscape artist, you’ll want to go for an engagement ring setting that rests low on her finger to reduce the chance of the stone being damaged or loosened through constant contact. 

Understanding her style is the first step to getting the perfect ring for her. 

The Different Ring Styles


Classic rings are timeless. These items come in a variety of styles, from solitaire to minimally decorated, but they don’t look like they belong in any single era. They are the types of rings that may be found in practically any jewelry store. Classic rings can be made with a range of stone shapes, gemstones and metals, and they can be combined with more contemporary or unique vintage ring settings.


There are many different vintage ring styles, each with its own distinct aesthetic that correspond to a particular era. Intricately wrought filigree items became popular in the 1940s. The Art Deco engagement rings of the Roaring Twenties, on the other hand, featured more geometric lines. This style is distinctive and stands out, whether it is authentic vintage or replicas.


Contemporary engagement rings that fall into one of two categories. They might be current in style or have an artsy or mid-century modern vibe to them. 

In either case, the detailing on these rings are less complex. Nonetheless, contemporary rings can be remarkable. A modern piece might be appropriate for you if you are searching for a ring that follows ongoing wedding or engagement ring trends. If your girl is a middle of the road type, a contemporary ring will do the trick.


Minimalist rings, much like the interior design trend, are subtle but elegant. Instead of drawing attention away from the individual, their delicate nature draws attention to the finger. Minimalism isn’t always cheap, but one of its hallmarks is their daintiness while maintaining a high level of design.

Ring Styles by Gemstones


Even if the total weight is the same, a one-carat diamond is distinct from a ring that has four quarter-carat stones. Solo stones are more expensive than a collection of smaller jewels with the same weight. As a result, cluster rings, also referred to as composite rings, are common. At first sight, a cluster of diamonds can appear to be the same size and shimmer as a single stone.


Solitaire rings feature a single stone that is meant to be the center of attention. To identify as a solitaire, the stones do not have to be high-carat. In these elegant engagement rings, even a little diamond may be the center stone. Because these rings are more about the center stone, choosing a high-quality jewel is essential.


Although two-stone rings exist, they are not as popular as their trifecta-ed counterparts. A three-stone ring can have a huge core gem surrounded by two lesser jewels. They could also be made up of a lot of little stones to make a statement piece. This form also adds sparkle since the several focal diamonds reflect light.

Alternative Gemstone

It’s totally acceptable to forego the diamond in favor of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Numerous couples use different stones as a way to express their love and commitment. Sapphire, ruby, pearl, and emerald are some popular alternatives. Thinking about one-of-a-kind gemstone engagement rings opens up a whole new world of options.


Some contemporary engagement rings forego the stone in favor of more intricate details like etching and hand-cast gold. If you appreciate the aesthetic of a stoneless ring or prefer minimalism, this is the ideal ring for you. Then again, one of the reasons for having a variety of engagement ring types is so that each individual can reflect their individual tastes.

Ring Styles by Band Details


The halo is a ring that has smaller diamonds within a setting that encircles a center stone, as the name suggests. Accent diamonds surround the main gemstone or diamond in an engagement ring. The center stone is commonly round, although other popular shapes include oval and pearl.

Accent stones

Ring designers thrive on originality, and a sole diamond on a simple band might be uninspiring at times. Accent stones on the side of the center stone or on the band of the ring might help to draw attention to the focal point. Colored accent stones are often used, and sapphires seem to be the most common pick.

Split shank

The ring’s shank is frequently a full metal band. When it separates into two parts, however, it emphasizes the main stone. Solitaire diamond engagement rings that have a split shank are popular, and they can also include a row of pave stones.

Nature Inspired

Jewelry designers, like artists, often take some of their cues from nature. An engagement ring with a nature inspired design likely has an earthy feel, from finely etched flowers to accent stones grouped into leaves. These rings can incorporate patterns that simulate bark or vines to add some flare. 


Although rings are static, introducing a swirl effect to an otherwise technical piece can provide wispiness and movement. This design creates an appealing impression by forming an arc all around the center stone and wrapping it by its sides.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Band 

An engagement ring is traditionally given during a proposal or soon after a couple has decided to marry. A large center stone is frequently put in a selection of bands on a ring and this ring is used to seal the deal (i.e. confirm the engagement). It is during the wedding ceremony that a wedding ring is exchanged as an official symbol of the marital relationship. 

Cluster rings, three-stone rings, and even plain bands that were generally regarded to be more of a wedding band variety are now available as modern engagement ring alternatives. Both of these rings were traditionally worn collectively as part of a bridal set or even welded together to make a single piece in some cases. The majority of wedding bands are simple in design, consisting of a plain band with no large stones or central gemstone. Frequently both the bride and groom engrave their wedding bands.

Traditionally, a man would give an engagement ring to a woman and she would wear it after saying “yes” to the marriage proposal. Tradition has changed as a result of societal movements towards equality and subtle changes in relationship dynamics. This suggests that anybody, irrespective of gender, can proudly give or wear an engagement ring as a token of their love for their significant other. 

There are couples who opt to exchange reciprocal engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment, which they would subsequently reaffirm with wedding rings. Sometimes people have different views about who pays for the wedding rings. However, unlike the engagement ring, wedding bands have always been given as well as worn by both lovers, irrespective of gender, in modern times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most classic engagement ring style?

A Solitaire cut diamond is the most classic engagement ring style. Solitaire cut diamonds are simple, elegant, and pair well with almost any setting and band. For these reasons, it’s one of the most common and popular engagement ring styles.

How can I figure out what kind of engagement ring my girlfriend likes?

There are a number of ways to figure this out. One of the most popular ways is to ask her friends. Usually, most girls drop hints to their friends about what kind of ring they want. You can also ask her mom, who will feel honored that you are including her in the process.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

In the US, the average weight of an engagement ring is just over 1 carat. In other european countries, the average is closer to .6 carats.

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