5 Palladium Wedding Rings We Love

Palladium is a white, silvery precious metal with a high value. Platinum-group metals are a collection of six metals (PGMs), one of which is palladium.  Palladium was found in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston and made into jewelry for the first time in the late 1930s. Palladium resembles platinum in appearance. In reality, many individuals would not even be able to distinguish between a palladium and a platinum ring if they were placed beside each other on a surface.

Palladium is a hard metal, with a Mohs hardness rating of 5 for pure palladium and 5.75 for alloyed palladium. On the Mohs scale, 18k white gold measures 2.75-3, while 14k white gold (a common wedding band metal) measures 3.5 to 4. Though palladium may and will get scratches, these scratches cause the metal to be replaced instead of destroyed. Palladium rings, as a result, do not corrode over time and instead produce a nice, appealing surface.

Palladium rings have a lovely silvery-white sheen and a somewhat darker color compared to platinum. This may however be hard to notice because both metals appear nearly similar to the human eye. Palladium was, until recently, a much more affordable metal than platinum, particularly in jewelry. Even so, thanks to sudden rises in palladium demand, primarily attributed to its industrial applications, there is generally not much of a cost disparity.

Choosing a Palladium Wedding Ring

If you want to buy a palladium ring, make sure you go to a reputable jewelry company. This is especially relevant if you’re shopping online and cannot speak with the retailer in person. Try to ensure the organization has been around for a while. A good-quality palladium ring is usually grade 950, indicating that the metal is 95 percent palladium and 5% other alloy. Prior to  buying a palladium ring, make sure it’s grade 950. If you are purchasing a palladium ring with a gemstone, make sure you learn everything you can about the gem’s condition while you acquire the ring.


Wedding bands may require resizing as our finger sizes shift when we lose or gain weight. Tungsten, for example, is a metal that cannot be resized. Palladium, on the other hand, may be resized. Just make sure to work with a trustworthy jeweler who is familiar with this metal.

The Style

When selecting a wedding band, it’s critical to choose a style that you want to wear every day for several years. Whichever style you like, make sure it is one you’ll be ready to maintain in the long run.  You can save a lot of money if you choose palladium. A simple palladium band ends up costing around half as much as a platinum ring of similar design. You can invest the cash you save towards diamond accents.

Is Palladium good for wedding rings?

Although palladium has its benefits, it is not a good choice for your wedding band. It can be hard to locate jewelry companies in the United States that sell it as a metal for engagement rings or wedding bands because it is such a rare metal. Palladium is also exceptionally challenging to resize, so finding a jeweler who can resize the ring once you’ve purchased it can be hard.

Is a palladium ring worth anything?

Palladium resembles platinum in how it looks but is much less costly and dense. It’s also incredibly rare, approximately 15 times more so than platinum. Palladium was once considered a worthless by-product from the mining of platinum. It is now one of the highly valued metals available today.

Do palladium rings scratch easily?

One of the factors consumers consider when choosing their precious metal is toughness and resistance to scratches. Palladium, just like many other precious metals, scratches. And though it is tougher than Platinum, it is susceptible to scratches.

Beautiful examples of Palladium Wedding Bands

Unfortunately, many of the most famous engagement and wedding ring stores have a limited selection of palladium rings. This small selection can be discouraging for shoppers, but if you have your sights set on a palladium ring, it’s worth it. Palladium wedding rings come in a variety of styles and sizes, and which one you choose is based on your own choice and how it fits on your finger. Here are some of our favorite wedding rings available in palladium metal that we think would be a great option for you. 

This classy wedding band features a marquise & trillion cut aquamarine center stone. The ring is crafted in palladium and is also available in 14/18k white rose or yellow gold or platinum. The trillion aquamarines have a total weight of 0,14 carat. The ring is 1.7mm wide. Read more...
This mens hammered band features an aquamarine center stone and can be crafted in either platinum or palladium. The ring is about 5mm wide and approx. 3x2mm in size. This ring for men is simple and can have a brushed or polished, hammered or smooth finish. Read more...
This lovely ring features a princess cut diamond center stone that has a weight of 0.4ct. The ring is set in a four prong and has dimensions of approx. 4x4mm. There are accentuating princess and round white diamonds set in a prong and have a weight of approx 0.25ct. Read more...
This beautiful ring features a pear shaped 8x5 moissanite center stone that has a weight of 0.94 carat. The ring has a band width of 1.7mm and has a halo of surrounding smaller diamonds that accentuate the center stone for a total weight of 0.3 carat. Read more...
This lovely ring features a blue green natural sapphire gemstone that has a custom triangle cut. The ring measures approx. 6 - 6.2 mm and is fashioned in a band that is 1.6 mm wide. The ring is pictured in solid platinum but is also available in palladium metal. Read more...

Best Place to Buy Palladium Wedding Rings


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Palladium vs Platinum Wedding Rings

Palladium and platinum both have their own set of benefits. The color of a palladium ring would be significantly darker compared to that of a platinum ring. Taking a look at the interior of the ring, which is usually not finished and reveals the natural color of the metal rather than the exterior, is a good way to notice this. Since platinum has a brighter hue, it’s typically a wiser choice for rings with colored gemstones.

Both palladium and platinum are highly long-lasting metals. In comparison to a gold wedding band, indeed a palladium or a platinum ring would have a substantially higher degree of longevity. Palladium, on the other hand, is generally tougher than platinum, so a palladium wedding band would normally be somewhat better scratch resistant in comparison to a platinum ring.

Platinum metal has a higher density than palladium, which means it weighs a lot more. A platinum wedding band can usually weigh almost double as much as a palladium ring of equal size. Although some customers love the weight and appearance of a platinum wedding band, some like the palladium band’s lighter weight. Palladium prices have recently risen, with pure Palladium now costing more than certain other metal choices. This can shift due to the competitive nature of the metal industry. Palladium, on the other hand, is currently priced similarly to Platinum. Palladium rings are often valued marginally lower than platinum rings due to the density of platinum.

Palladium rings would likely appeal to you more than platinum rings if you want a wedding band that is light, sturdy, and inexpensive. Platinum is likely to be preferred if you have a bigger budget and want a piece that is heavy and much more lavish.

Styles that go well with Palladium Wedding Ring

Patina refers to the aged appearance of palladium rings. It is more like a natural finish. As  palladium rings get scratches, the metal shifts through one section of the ring to the next. This causes the ring to have a matte texture over time, commonly regarded as patina. When white gold is scratched, the metal simply falls off the ring, and the ring produces a scratched coating rather than just a patina with time. The majority of customers are eager for their ring to produce a patina finish due to the obvious attractive appearance it provides. You could still have the ring re-polished if you do not like the patina’s appearance.

There are two types of fits for palladium rings and other jewelry: comfort fit and traditional fit. A comfort fit band has much more metal on the inside of the ring, which gives it a circular shape and relieves pressure on your finger. For a more square shape, a traditional fit band is ideal. It has very little metal around the inside of the ring. Rings with a traditional fit are usually less costly than rings with a comfort fit.

A palladium ring with diamonds in a floral design would be a lovely choice for a woman’s ring. One with a satin finish and rivet coin edging, and another with a polished finish and milgrain caps, are two excellent examples of men’s palladium ring designs. A rounded-edge ring is the most common type. This is a great option with gentle curves for many brides. Get a wedding band with a high-domed style if you prefer an eye-catching look. The height of this style is higher than that of more conventional models. The flat wedding band is the more contemporary aesthetic. These have reasonably straight edges and are a common choice for those who have contemporary wedding bands.


A palladium wedding ring is a great choice for someone who wants an unconventional wedding ring. These rings will however need some extra care and handling. Remember that all rings, at the end of it all, need certain regular maintenance. So, look for a retailer that offers a lifetime warranty and will repair, dust, and resize your rings without cost. Palladium rings are getting rare, which makes them both special and unique. They are a great way to symbolize the commitment between a couple.