10 Pearl Wedding Bands We Love

Wedding bands made of pearls exude sophistication and elegance. Natural pearls and cultured pearls are the two styles of pearls available. The discovery of natural pearls in their natural state are rather rare, and that is why they can be somewhat costly. Cultured pearls are much more widely accessible, making them more accessible and less expensive. Many pearl wedding bands feature cultured pearls.

Natural pearls are becoming less available as mollusk species become endangered, which is why cultured pearls are becoming much more popular. These are from mollusks and grown in controlled conditions in underwater farms. The environment of these farms faces careful monitoring during the production till the pearl is taken.

Pearls are one-of-a-kind gemstones since they are made from organic matter instead of inorganic minerals. The bulk of the gemstones we currently know are minerals found in the earth. A pearl gemstone can be found in a variety of mollusk species, both freshwater and saltwater. They also can develop on any of the continents and in both cold and warm water environments.

It is best to make the assumption that every pearl you stumble upon is a cultured one until you are told differently. By examining the drill hole in a pearl, you can tell if it is cultured. A wild pearl has nacre inside, while a cultured pearl has a coating of nacre surrounding the white bead. If a pearl lacks a drill, an X-ray test may be used to decide if it is cultured or natural. Pearls have a ranking of 2.5- 3, indicating that they are a soft stone that is easily damaged.

Choosing a Pearl Wedding Band

A pearl’s value is determined by a number of factors, the most significant of which are color, scale, shape, luster, and surface. These are the characteristics of a well-rounded pearl with a high value. The larger the pearl, the higher the price. For the center stone of your wedding ring, choose a stone that is at least 8mm in diameter. The size of the ring will also depend on the wedding band style you prefer.  

The color and clarity

The color of a wedding ring is very important and personal preferences must be taken into account. The pearls with real black, pure white, and rich gold colors are the most valuable. The shine or brilliance of a stone is referred to as luster. A pearl with luster would have a brighter glare and a clearer reflection. Ignore pearl wedding bands that are bland or chalky while shopping. Some pearls have an orient, which is a show of rainbow colors that adds to their value.

The shape

When buying a pearl ring, you ought to consider the shape. Because most pearls feature baroque or irregular shapes, those with circular shapes are more costly because they are the rarest. A round pearl should be a full sphere without any rings or dimples, instead of an oval. They should be the same color all the way around and free of blemishes. Teardrop-shaped pearls tend to be the most valuable among baroque pearls. A pearl should be free of scratches and irregularities. A pearl engagement ring with an irregularly shaped stone would not be valuable.

Do pearl rings get damaged easily?

Pearl rings are a fantastic choice for a wedding ring. It’s worth noting, nevertheless, that these stones aren’t very tough, scoring 2.5-e on the Mohs scale, and are easily scratched. This also means that a Pearl wedding band isn’t ideal for everyday wear because you’ll be subjected to too many different activities, and these stones become easily chipped.

Are Pearls good for engagement rings?

Pearl engagement rings have become a common option for those who want something different and beautiful for their engagement rings. These rings are lovely, but they aren’t very long-lasting. Since they chip and age quickly, you will need to replace your center stone in a few years.

Who should pay for wedding bands?

The most traditional method is for the bride-to-be to cater to the groom’s wedding band as well as a present, while the groom covers the bride’s engagement ring and an accompanying wedding band. In the modern era however, men mainly purchase their own ring as well as the bride’s wedding band and engagement ring.

Beautiful Examples of Pearl Wedding Bands

Pearls are commonly associated with white, but they also come in a variety of colors, including peach, silver, pink, gold, lavender, and black. The color of the pearl is determined by the mollusk that it comes from. They are prized for their luster and color, which dictates the ring’s refracting capacity. Colors, shapes, and sizes of pearl wedding bands are available. Here are ten of our favorite pearl wedding bands that we think will make a beautiful ring. It all depends on individual preference, financial restrictions, and the level of attention you are able to devote to your wedding ring.

This lovely ring features a white pearl center gemstone. The marquise gemstones measure approx. 5 x 2.8mm while the round pearls measure approx. 2mm. The band of the ring is approx. 1.3 mm wide and approx. 1.3 mm thick. The ring is crafted in sterling silver. Read more...
This stunning ring features a 3.5mm round freshwater pearl as the main gemstone. The ring has a diamond crown above the pearl that has a marquise shape and measures approx. 3x1.5mm with a total carat weight of 0.25 ct. The band measures approximately 1.5mm wide. Read more...
This lovely ring features a white pearl main stone that measures approx. 3 mm. The center stone is accentuated by stunning white diamonds in a halo that measure approx. 1.1 mm. The band measures approx. 2 mm wide and approx. 1.3 mm thick. Read more...
This elegant ring features a pear cut freshwater gemstone pearl as the center stone. It measures about 6x5 - 7x5mm. The ring has several white diamond halo stones that accentuate the pearl. The band measures 1.8mm wide and the ring is crafted in 14k solid yellow gold. Read more...
This elegant ring has a petite band that gives it some edge and fashionable sophistication. The ring has a width of 2.3mm and is fashioned in 14K Yellow Gold. The pretty white pearl at the center has a size of 4mm and is styled in a solitaire setting. Read more...
This elegant ring features a round freshwater cultured pearl as the center stone. The pearl is set on a beautiful openwork heart design on the ring. The total diamond weight of the ring is 1/15 carat and there are diamonds that go all round the heart at the center and round the band. Read more...
This is a bold statement ring that features a cultured Chocolate Pearl as the center stone. The ring has a line of Chocolate Diamonds to accentuate the center pearl on the crossed bands. The ring is crafted in 14K Strawberry Gold and has a total diamond weight of 1/2 carat. Read more...
This enchanting ring features a button freshwater cultured pearl as the center stone. The pearl is accentuated by vines of sterling silver wrap to add to the exceptional beauty of this ring. There are lab-created white sapphires on the designer band to complete the look. Read more...
This stunning ring has a lustrous freshwater cultured pearl as the center stone. The pearl is accentuated by surrounding white lab-created sapphires that sparkle in a teardrop around it. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and has more sapphires along the band. Read more...
This lovely ring features a 6 mm round pearl as the center piece. The ring has an approximate weight of 2.7 grams and has a finished polish. The pearl at the center has a weight of about 1.15 ct and is accentuated by a total of 21 gemstones. The ring is crafted in Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver. Read more...

Best Places To Buy Pearl Wedding Bands 

1. James Allen

Are you on the lookout for a pearl wedding ring? You’re in good hands with James Allen. James Allen has a large selection of wedding rings, engagement rings, as well as other jewelry. Their rings are beautiful and high-quality, making a pick through them one of the smartest things you can do.

2. Capucinne

When it comes to wedding bands, Capucinne should be at the top of your list. This company has a large selection of wedding rings from which to choose. You can also personalize certain aspects of the ring to fit your preferences. Visit Capucinne for your ring purchases if you want a stunning ring with excellent customer service.

3. Netaya

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding rings for a happy couple, experience matters, and Netaya has you covered. Since 1999, this company has become a prominent jewelry retail store, earning the confidence of a large number of customers. A Netaya pearl wedding band is an excellent choice.

4. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is one of the most well-known jewelry companies in the United States. This business has over 1,000 states in various states, making it a major player. Rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, earrings, and watches are among their set of products. They also have a large selection of wedding and engagement rings, many of which are set with beautiful diamonds and gemstones.

Pearl vs. Diamond Wedding Bands 

Pearl wedding bands are stylish and lovely, and they’re a perfect alternative to more conventional choices like diamond wedding bands. These gemstones, on the other hand, are not quite as tough as diamonds, so they do not last as long. A diamond, for example, has a Mohs hardness rating of 10 on the scale. Pearls, on the other hand, have a score of 2.5 to 3, showing that they are not tough stones. Another distinction regarding diamonds and pearls is that pearl wedding rings are usually less expensive than diamond wedding rings. This implies that if you’re on a budget, a pearl ring will be an excellent choice.

Styles that go well with Pearl Wedding Bands

To build a timeless look, vintage wedding rings will have small pearl stones and perhaps a rose gold band. Classic pearls may have bigger pearls, perhaps with a halo of diamonds or even in a floral pattern. A rose gold or silver metal would be ideal for these rings. In order to draw attention to the allure and softness of the gem at the middle of the ring, classic pearl rings tend to be simple. The metal you use for pearl rings could align with the shape of the stone and the ring design. The prong setting is among the most popular pearl wedding ring settings. To protect the pearl within that setting, the stone will be attached to the prong. A pearl is normally placed near the bottom of a bowl or flower design. If the pearl is round, it would be set high on the ring to emphasize it and render it more prominent.


Pearls are lovely gemstones that look pretty good when placed in a wedding ring. As a result, these stones are not very durable, and maintaining them will necessitate a great deal of attention. They’re also porous, which means they can be damaged by acids or chemicals used in perfume, hair spray, and household cleaners. Dehydration and longevity can cause a pearl’s hardness to deteriorate over time. Pearls, like many gemstones, may benefit from enhancement techniques to make them more attractive to the eye. Pearl wedding rings are both beautiful and elegant and wearing them the right way makes them look splendid.