9 Platinum Wedding Bands We Love

Platinum is among the very sturdy metals, ensuring that a stone placed in platinum remains protected against impact. It does not require special treatment compared to other metals like white gold, that require rhodium plating on a routine basis to preserve the appearance. Platinum could be compared to many other metals like white gold based on their relative weight.

Platinum is among the most valuable and scarce metals on the planet. As a result, this is a popular option for many people whenever it gets to wedding rings. This is a precious metal which is also completely free of impurities. It is immune to corrosion and oxidation, one thing that metals like gold and silver are not. Since it is 100% natural, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin types who are susceptible to allergies.

Platinum has a look that is somewhat identical with that of white gold.  The density of a platinum ring is slightly higher than a white gold ring if weighed, indicating the relatively higher worth of this ring.  Platinum is important because of how scarce it is. Platinum is actually more expensive than white gold.

Choosing a Platinum Wedding Band

The reality that these two metals complement one another is among the main reasons couples always prefer platinum whenever they are looking for a diamond ring. Platinum contrasts wonderfully with colorless diamonds, making them gleam with such a dazzling gleam. One may combine them to create a wedding ring that is simply breathtaking and also well worth the investment.

The finger measurements of your partner or yourself are an important consideration while buying a platinum wedding ring. Try to ensure your finger is correctly sized and they should not need to resize the ring once it’s been done. In selecting a platinum ring, keep the ring’s weight in mind. Platinum is heavier than most other metals such as rose gold or white gold, which may be a problem for anyone who wants a light ring. It is entirely dependent on the individual that will be receiving the ring.

Matching set

If you’re looking for a platinum wedding ring, opt for the one that comes with a matching engagement ring. There are some alloys or metals that are incompatible with each other, making the ring set look off. Numerous people who purchase platinum wedding bands opt for a patina finish. It is a matte-like finish that occurs as marks on metals migrate to different sections of the ring. There will be those who like this finish. However, should you want your ring to be sparkling, you could go to a jeweler and get it polished. 

Are platinum wedding bands good?

Platinum is a metal that is 60% heavier compared to gold. It is stronger and denser, which makes it harder to break or bend, as well as more impact resistant.  Platinum always makes “prongs”, the portion on a ring setting which carries the stone. Over time, it also requires less maintenance.

Is Platinum better than white gold?

Platinum does have advantages to white gold which render it a better alternative. Platinum could have the same appearance to white gold, but its price is considerably greater, implying that its value is also greater. Platinum is rare, and it is also highly strong as compared to many other metals.

Can you shower with a platinum ring?

Platinum jewelry should not be worn in the shower because it will lose its sheen as well as its shimmer. Water does not damage the platinum. However, it will have an effect on its general appearance in the future. 

Beautiful Examples of Platinum Wedding Bands

For the modern man or woman, platinum wedding rings are indeed an excellent alternative. They are available in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. All of these contribute to the radiance as well as the elegance of the ring. Platinum wedding rings can also be a representation of your unique personality and also something you adore. These rings are often a good investment since they are exquisite, long-lasting, and convenient to care of.

This lovely ring has a width of 2mm. It is crafted in platinum metal and in the metal color white. The ring is available in standard ring size 6 and is a great simple choice for her. Read more...
This modern ring features a satin-finish center and is crafted in platinum metal which makes it durable and gives it luster. The ring also has polished edges and has a width of 6mm. The ring is available for both men and women sizes. Read more...
This wedding band is fashioned in platinum metal and does not have a stone, The band has a width of 7mm and is in the color white. The ring is available in standard ring size 10 but can be obtained in sizes for both women and men. Read more...
This unique wedding band has a vintage-inspired look that is created by milgrain detail and an engraved flourish. The ring is fashioned in platinum metal that offers both durability and luster. The band has a width of 5mm and is suited for both men and women. Read more...
This wedding band features beveled edges that complete the look on this ring. This ring is suitable for both men and women and has a width of 4mm. The ring is fashioned in platinum metal and has a satin-finish center. Read more...
This ring is features a brush-textured inlay that has polished borders. The ring is 5.75mm-wide and is crafted in sleek platinum. The ring is also buffed to a brilliant luster and can have an inscription of around 20 characters on its interior surface in a script font. Read more...
This stunning ring features sparkling princess-cut diamonds that are in a channel-set. The ring is crafted in platinum that is both durable and sleek. The total weight for the diamonds is 1 ct. and the ring has a polished shine finish to complete the look. Read more...
Nothing is as exquisite as this wedding band in expressing love to your partner. This ring features a number of shimmering round diamonds that are set on the center of the ring in a prong setting. The diamonds have a total weight of 1/2 ct and it is crafted in sterling silver. Read more...
This lovely diamond wedding band features a row of diamonds in a stunning design. The ring is crafted in platinum metal and has a total diamond weight of 1/10 ct. This is a simple minimalist ring that is truly elegant for the modern day bride. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Platinum Wedding Bands

1. Zales

If you’re thinking of premium jewelry, a Zales must be at the top of your list. They have such a vast selection of jewelry, including wedding rings. Zales guarantees quality and consistency, and that is why buying a blue wedding band from them would be a great idea.

2. Kay

Kay Jewelers has among the ideal pieces of jewelry to match your ensemble. They have outstanding service and a broad array of wedding rings, including platinum wedding rings. Their bands are not only stunning, and they’re also genuine and reasonably priced.

Platinum vs Gold wedding bands 

Color is the most important physical difference between gold and platinum. Gold is naturally yellow, whereas platinum is naturally white.  Gold (as well known as yellow gold) would be the best choice if you’d like a yellow ring. Should you prefer a  ring that is white, however, you could go for white gold or platinum. White gold rings are made up of gold, alloys, and rhodium plating, that grants them a platinum-like white color. The gold content as well as purity of 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold are almost the same (58.5 percent gold). White gold alloys make it look white, whereas yellow gold alloys may not.

Platinum is by far the more resistant of the precious metals, despite the fact that both platinum and gold are solid and strong. Platinum’s high density or chemical composition cause this. A platinum wedding ring, for instance, is much less probable than a gold wedding ring to snap the prongs supporting the stone at the center. Since platinum is denser than gold, this should take much longer to wear away. Furthermore, because of its chemical composition, whenever anyone hits a platinum ring, the material just shifts, rather than getting scratched away.

Styles that go well with Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum wedding rings look stunning when fitted alongside gems such as diamonds, which contribute to the ring’s radiance. On a platinum wedding ring, a prong setting is among the most popular setting types. That setting gives the ring a brilliant, unobscured shimmer as well as giving it a lovely stylish appearance. A platinum ring with a prong setting has a style that is attractive and has a retro appeal to it. The bezel setting is yet another famous platinum wedding ring setting. Because platinum is such a tough material, it is perfect for fragile stones, particularly in bezel settings.

Platinum is a great metal of choice for wedding rings. Even so, it is indeed crucial to understand that platinum is a wiser choice for rings than other metals. Certain metals, like yellow gold, must be alloyed or plated with other metals to achieve a white color, whereas platinum portrays a natural white color. To improve the condition of white gold, it is typically plated with rhodium. The disadvantage would be that the plating will wear off over time, making the ring unattractive. Platinum has a naturally light color that blends beautifully with a gleaming stone, enhancing its brilliance.

Platinum rings would be thicker than gold rings due to platinum’s higher density. Some consumers tend to like the higher weight, while others like how light gold rings are. It is entirely up to every individual. Individuals looking for a cozy ring should consider one in a comfortable style


Platinum has 4 characteristics which make it a popular option for wedding rings. It is timeless, rare, adaptable, and pure. Platinum’s variability is enhanced by the fact that it is naturally white and 95% pure, and it hardly taints or disappears with time. It also is a tough, long-lasting material which does not quickly wear away, allowing it to an everyday wear option. Platinum wedding rings are amongst the safest and perhaps most long-lasting rings available. Platinum is also 30 times harder to obtain than diamonds, rendering it a rather unique metal which would be great for a ring for that beloved person.