How to Find the Right Ring Size – The Engagement Ring Buying Guide

The Quick And Dirty - If you are including your girlfriend in the buying process, finding the ring size is easy: just ask her! If you are buying in secret, there are easy options for doing stealth research. Either way, you have nothing to worry about: you can resize a ring after purchasing for no additional cost. 

Stressing about picking the right ring size, we’ve got you covered! If you are buying her engagement ring in secret, this will cover everything you need to know about finding the right size as well as resizing it if it’s not a perfect fit. 

Alternatively, if your fiance-to-be knows you are buying the ring, you have a simple task ahead of you: go to a jewelry store and ask to get her finger sized. While there are cheaper online options to buying a ring, you could always go into a store to get the right size. After all, some things are better done in person. 

But what about buying your ring online and as a secret? Here are some ways you can figure out the right band size. 

Figuring out the right size

For starters, many online sites will send you a free ring sizing kit to your home. These kits are very simple, and have 20+ sizes for you to try through trial and error to figure out what size is yours. You can also look up a DIY way with string and a ruler, but this needs to be done very carefully to be accurate, so we recommend using the sizing kit. 

If you are buying the ring in secret, we recommend getting the sizing kit and finding another one of her rings that she has worn on the same finger (left ring finger). Then, just compare that ring to the sizing kit to find the right size. 

You can also find a ring that she already wears on her other ring finger to find the right size. If you are comparing a ring worn on the non-dominant hand’s ring finger, just keep in mind that someone’s dominant hand has fingers that are slightly larger. Afterall, that hand is utilized much more and may have ever so slightly larger muscles around it. 

A few more tips on ring sizing

  1. The ring should fit comfortably. In other words, it should be snug so that it won’t fall off, but also loose enough to slide over her knuckle.
  2. Sometimes her knuckle will be bigger than the base of her finger. If that’s the case, measure both places and pick the size that is in between the two.
  3. When measuring your ring size, we recommend doing so at the end of the day. Your fingers are warmer and ever so slightly larger than in the morning.

What if the ring doesn’t fit, can I resize it?

The short answer for most rings is yes. Most jewelry sites will let you either return the ring or resize it within 30 days. To resize a ring, a jewelry maker will essentially add or remove material to/from the ring itself. Generally, it’s an unnoticeable amount of material taken off, so you should have absolutely nothing to worry about. But for some rings that have intricate designs on the band, it means they can’t be resized. All sites will denote when this is the case before you buy a ring. 

If you are buying the ring in person, check with your jeweler before purchasing. Just about any store will offer to resize it for you within a certain period of time, but it’s good to double check. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you size an engagement ring?

There are two common approaches: visit a jeweler and seek a professional measurement or use an at-home guide. The first approach requires you buying the engagement ring with your girlfriend as her hand will need to be present for the measurement. The second approach is ideal if you are going to surprise your girlfriend. Simply take a ring that she already owns (and is not worn on her pinkie or thumb) and place it next to a rule. By measuring the inner diameter of the ring and compare the measurement to a size guide online you can quickly understand the size of her ring finger.

How is a ring resized?

It is better to size up rings because it is easier for a jeweler to remove material in the re-sizing process. When a ring is made smaller, for example, the band is physical cut, a very small portion of the band is removed, and the band is then fused back together. This is the first step in the physical re-sizing process which a trained can easily do with in-house equipment. The ring, when sized down, is then cleaned, the band smoothened, and placed under a steam powered water gun to remove dirt or oil. Prior to this step, the ring is actually placed in a variety of sanding tools to smoothen the edges of the band. The band itself is fused by blue-light fire and the materials of the band physically and chemically jointed – making it impossible (even to the trained eye) to see that an adjustment has been made to the band itself. Resizing rings is easy, most online sites offer it for free as a service, and can take less than thirty minutes.

Can an engagement ring be too big?

Yes. You can buy an engagement ring on a band that is larger than the ring finger you will be placing it on. If the ring doesn’t fit, you can easily get it resized. The resizing process is fast, usually free, and done by trained jewelers who have access to the tools and equipment necessary to open the ring bad, remove a portion of it, and fuse the band back together.

This video demonstrates the actual physical steps take to open a ring band, make the ring smaller, and polish the final product to return it to a customer.

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