8 Silver Wedding Rings We Love

Silver is a delicate and malleable metal. In its pure state, silver is far too soft to be shaped into a long-lasting wedding ring. Sterling silver is really the perfect silver for wedding rings. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Silver is also the most electrically and thermally conductive metal known. This implies that if a silver wedding band faces exposure to sunlight, it will easily turn hot. silver is generally not a good metal to use for a wedding band if you operate in some capacity that requires electricity.

Rhodium plating can be added to sterling silver wedding and engagement rings to enhance their longevity and shimmer. Since silver rings wouldn’t need rhodium plating, people can choose whether or not to upgrade the rhodium plating as it wears off. Mexican silver rings typically from South or Central America are crafted in a silver alloy which is 90 to 99 percent pure silver. 

The method of “flashing” sterling silver wedding rings is possible. This is where the rings are plated using a thin layer of “fine” silver that is 99.999 percent pure silver. The idea is to add to the bands an enhanced luster and shine throughout this process. Flashing, on the other hand, wears off easily on daily wear wedding rings and engagement rings. Also with the advent of new wedding ring metals and materials in the last decade, sparkling silver wedding rings and sterling silver engagement rings are yet to go out of style.

Choosing a Silver Wedding Ring

Quality design on the bands and the setting is particularly crucial when working with a soft metal such as silver. You’ll have to find high-quality silver wedding rings that are well-made and can last a long time. On the interior of quality sterling silver wedding rings and engagement rings, there ought to be a fineness or hallmark stamp, as well as the mark of the maker. A certificate provided by a credible laboratory describing the diamond’s grade details should be provided with silver diamond wedding rings. If a diamond ring doesn’t have this detail, don’t buy it.


Don’t be compelled to buy low-cost rings that have a silver plate that are made of copper or brass. The same can be said for gold-plated silver rings.  Rhodium plate is really the only plate that is licensed for quality wedding rings, and it can be quickly replaced until it wears off. Often go with company and retail jewelers who give a guarantee on their products. 


The softness and longevity of sterling silver are its key drawbacks. Under strain, silver wedding rings will bend and scratch. Delicate silver rings, in specific, may not hold up well over years. Silver wedding rings can taint over time and would need to be polished on a regular basis to preserve the luster. If you plan to use your hands for rough work frequently, a silver wedding ring may not be the best choice for you. 

Do silver wedding rings last?

Silver wedding rings for men and women are available in a range of designs and at fair prices, but they are not suitable for daily wear if the bands would be subjected to rough handling. The ring will look beautiful in your wedding pictures, but it will not last more than a few years without being scratched.

What does a silver wedding ring mean?

Silver is associated with wisdom, purity, tranquility, and serenity. It is a precious metal that, like gold, is also associated with prosperity and wealth. Silver is thought to have been a soul mirror, allowing us to see ourselves like others do. It symbolizes hope, affection, contemplation, mystic dreams, gentleness, compassion, and psychic abilities as a gemstone.

Which is better gold or silver wedding ring?

Since sterling silver is far less sturdy than white gold. Most individuals prefer to go with white gold for daily wear things such as wedding bands. White gold is much more durable as well as being a safer choice for jewelry that will be worn every day to guarantee that it is not damaged.

Beautiful examples of Silver Wedding Rings

There are several designs from which to choose while looking for sterling silver rings. Simplistic sterling silver rings featuring feminine details or symbolic patterns and markings are ideal for daily wear and meaningful jewelry presents. Every outfit will match with sterling silver rings with diamonds, gemstones, and other precious stones. Here are some of our favorite silver wedding bands that we think you would also love. 

This ring is 2.5mm wide and features round green emeralds that are lab created. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and is also stackable. The size of the stone is 2.00 and is set in a bezel setting. The ring is available in standard size 7. Read more...
This lovely ring has a row of green natural round peridots and is stackable. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and is set in a prong. The size of the stone is 2.00 and the ring is available in standard size 7. The metal color is white. Read more...
This beautiful ring has diamonds that alternate with round green peridots to fill the band. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and has a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat. The ring has a width of 2.25mm, has a seize of 2.25 and is set in a prong. Read more...
This stunning ring features multiple lab-created emerald stones. The ring measures 2.25mm and is fashioned in a sterling silver band. The band has round emeralds that are green in color that go round the band. The stones are in size 2.25 and are in a bezel setting. Read more...
This ring is both unique and stunning. The ring is fashioned in sterling silver and has a criss cross design that makes it seem quite flattering. There are 77 diamonds on the ring that have a total weight of 1/6 (0.16) Carat. The ring has an approximate weight of 3.00 grams. Read more...
This stunning modern ring features 22 diamonds that have a weight of 0.16 Carat. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and weighs 2.6 grams. The diamond clarity is I2-I3 and the color is I-J. The ring is polished to complete the elegant look. Read more...
This lovely ring features a fashion heart band. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and has twenty diamonds round it for a total weight of 0.10 Carat. The ring is a statement piece that has an approximate weight of 1.7 grams. The diamond clarity of the ring is I2-I3. Read more...
This lovely ring features blue sapphires that shimmer on the beautiful infinity band design. The ring is crafted in sterling silver and has an approximate weight of 2.75 grams. The ring has a finished polish to complete the look. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Silver Wedding Rings

1. Netaya.com

Netaya has been one of the best options for a high-quality wedding ring. There are many wedding rings to choose from, much like silver wedding rings. On the Netaya website, you’ll find a range of high-resolution photos of the wedding rings, and also information on them that gives you a taste of that which they have to offer.

2. Jared

When you think of wedding ring shopping, one of the places that comes to mind is Jared.  Jared has stores in 41 states, meaning they know what they’re doing in terms of wedding rings. At Jared, you’ll find a large selection of wedding rings, including silver wedding rings. 

White Gold vs Silver wedding Rings 

While silver and white gold appear to be identical upon first sight, there’s many numerous distinctions between both the metals. All are precious metals which have long been prized and featured in jewelry, particularly wedding rings. They do, however, have different advantages and disadvantages, and indeed the metal you select will be primarily dictated by your individual liking, budget, as well as the style of jewelry you like.

Re-plating white gold is required on a regular basis, and a skilled coating might well be required to remove dents and scratches that have developed over the years. However, white gold is thought to be easier to keep clean than silver that taints quickly. If exposed to moisture and air, silver tarnishes and oxidizes. This produces a patina that grows over time and dulls the piece’s luster. Many individuals choose a ring with a silver patina, whereas others want a ring that is shiny.

Silver is significantly less expensive than white gold, costing just a portion of the amount.  As a consequence, when you are on a budget and want to avoid platinum or white gold, silver seems to be the right alternative. Silver is commonly used to create glamorous jewelry due to its low price, while white gold is usually reserved for fine jewelry. White gold is better suited to unique jewelry items, such as wedding rings, that you expect to wear on a regular basis.

Styles that go well with Silver Wedding Rings

Couples searching for silver wedding rings choose handcrafted silver rings with distinctive features and designs. Beautiful but inexpensive gemstones such as aquamarine, black onyx, blue topaz, garnet, green amethyst, and more are set in contrast with the white sheen of sterling silver to create colorful wedding bands with a lot of shine and shimmer. Sterling Silver Diamond Rings represent the flare and fire of a diamond, which is enhanced by a white metal frame and setting. Silver diamond rings can appeal to people on a limited budget looking for inexpensive wedding rings made from real diamonds because of their appearance and reduced cost.

Claddagh Rings in sterling silver reflect loyalty, friendship, and affection. Claddagh rings have indeed been popular from the 1700s, and these one-of-a-kind silver wedding rings are a popular option among couples looking for rings that represent the profound meaning of Claddagh styles. Silver (sterling) Celtic wedding bands are a common alternative for wedding and engagement rings. Silver is an especially malleable and accommodating metal for jewelers to operate with while making exquisite Celtic knot bands.


Since silver can bend and scratch when subjected to intense pressure and hard knocks or strikes. Silver wedding rings should indeed be taken off before engaging in any activities that leave the rings exposed to massive pressure and blows or hard knocks. Silver rings must also be taken off before doing any household chores that could cause scratching, such as dishwashing. Once silver rings are taken off, they should be placed in a cloth bag, away from any jewelry that may damage them. To clean silver rings, soak them in warm soapy water for a few minutes then dry them using a soft clean rag. Use a tarnish remover that is acceptable for sterling silver rings as appropriate.