8 Simple Wedding Rings We Love

A wedding ring is the sole piece of jewelry which is meant to encapsulate all of your feelings about the individual you hold most dear. It is the one jewelry item that you may be expected to wear every day until you die. Wedding bands were once very simple in style. They have grown over time to include a plethora of trendy designs and details. Despite the seemingly endless supply of beautiful wedding band styles, simple wedding rings continue to be the main option for many couples.

You may choose elegant simplicity for a symbolic wedding band style. Simple wedding bands for him and her come in a variety of metals and feature minimalistic features. This is to keep the look classic and polished. However, just because these wedding rings seem simple does not mean they are unexciting. You can get ideas from a series of simple wedding rings and choose from a range of simple and elegant designs. These exquisite bands are simple in design but beautifully designed.

Simple wedding bands for him may also have designs incorporated into them. These details, on the other hand, should be subtle rather than loud. Selecting a simple ring does not restrict your ability to convey your personal style. Simple wedding rings are not quite as straightforward as many people believe.

Choosing a Simple Wedding Ring

Personal preference plays a big role in selecting the ideal wedding ring. Some couples prefer a more conventional wedding band, while others prefer an expensive, luxurious taste in rings. All of the expenses associated with a wedding can be daunting. Hence, don’t forget to include a wedding ring in your budget. After all, that’s a crucial aspect of it. Examine your cash balance as well as your wedding’s estimated costs. Calculate how much you can spend from your savings and go from there. Financing a wedding ring isn’t the best option. You can see what types of rings fit into your budget once you’ve defined your price range. 

Wedding rings can be purchased from a range of outlets. This ranges from small businesses to major retailers such as James Allen and Jared. Compare prices as much as possible and anywhere. Don’t forget to plan for extra costs such as sales tax, delivery, return shipping, and shipping insurance, if applicable. If you don’t want to be stuck with your wedding ring, look for one with a generous return policy.

You must ensure that both your partner and you enjoy your rings, especially the fit. You can also double-check that no stones have fallen out and that it looks exactly as you thought it would in person if you purchased it online. Even if you are head over heels in love with an online ring, you should not buy it if the return policy is not really reasonable. This is because you cannot know for sure about the quality before you receive it.

A ring may look fantastic at first, but will it hold up over time?  What are the most durable metals? Many of these responses can be from reading articles and doing research. Some metals, such as sterling silver, need more polishing and upkeep to keep them looking shiny and bright, but if you don’t mind, you will find some beautiful wedding bands for a fraction of the price of more precious metals. 

How much is a simple wedding ring?

The cost of a wedding ring can range from $180 to $2,000 or more. The price of a wedding ring is determined by the precious metal, setting design, number of diamonds, and where the ring is purchased. Wedding rings accounted for three percent of a couple’s wedding budget, according to the Brides’ American Wedding Report. The cost of engagement rings accounted for 14% of the wedding budget.

How much money should you spend on a wedding ring?

As a general rule, the wedding ring should cost at least two months’ salary. If you earn $60,000 a year, for example, you can spend $10,000 on a wedding ring or an engagement ring. The amount you should spend on a wedding ring is determined by a number of factors, including the setting style you want and your wedding budget.

Can you use your engagement ring as your wedding ring?

Since certain people don’t buy a separate wedding ring, the engagement ring may also be the wedding ring, if you want it to be. It is up to you whether or not you want to use your engagement ring as a wedding band. That means you can wear your engagement ring after the ceremony without a wedding band.

Beautiful examples of Simple Wedding Rings

Women today prefer simple wedding bands that have some accentuating designs on them. For many grooms-to-be who prefer a unique wedding band design, simple wedding bands made out of alternative modern materials are among the most common wedding band types. A simple metal band may feel sophisticated and look elegant in a variety of finishes, including matte, polished, rounded, flat, hammered, and rubbed. Choose from variations with contrasting textures, exclusive inlays, and two-tone metal accents if you want a more comprehensive look. Here are some of our favorite simple wedding rings for both men and women that would be a great choice for someone who prefers this kind of wedding band. 

This ring is lovely in a minimalist gold dainty beaded design. The ring is available in different metal options that include 14k solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or 18k solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum and in sizes 2-8. Read more...
This simple and delicate wedding band is ideal for someone looking for a minimalist ring. The ring features white diamond gemstones that have a total carat weight of 0.08 ct. The band measures approx. 1.8mm wide and is available in size 2-8. Read more...
This simple wedding ring features a round genuine ruby as the center stone that measures approx. 2.5 - 2.7mm. The measurements of the band are approx. 1.5 mm. Theing is available in 14k or 18k solid yellow gold/white gold/rose gold. Read more...
This simple traditional wedding band features a classic inside. It has a width of 3mm and a dome surface on its exterior to give it a classic profile that is modern as well. The ring is crafted in 14K White Gold and has a length of 0.8. Read more...
This simple wedding band features a 4mm band. The ring has a width of 4mm and is fashioned in 14K White Gold. It has a length of 1.1-1.2. The ring maintains a traditional feel to it from the slight curve on its edges. Read more...
This lovely wedding ring has a simple yet elegant design that has a diamond-lined twist to add some sparkle to the ring. The ring features center diamonds that have a total weight of 1/10 ct and add a a brilliant buffed luster. It is crafted in cool 10K white gold. Read more...
This wedding ring for women features a 2.5mm knife-edge design that makes it stand out, despite it being a simple ring. The ring has a width of 2.5 mm and is fashioned in 14K White Gold. Read more...
this shimmering vintage-inspired contoured anniversary band proclaims your continued love. Crafted in cool 10K white gold, this slender band features a gently curved ribbon of sparkling diamond accents in a milgrain-detailed frame. Polished to a bright shine, this anniversary band is certain to be cherished. Read more...

Best Places to Buy Simple Wedding Rings

1. James Allen

James Allen is among the best places to go for a high-quality wedding ring. There are a number of wedding rings to choose from, just as there are for basic wedding rings. On the James Allen page, there are a number of high-quality photos of the wedding bands that give you an idea of their rings.  You can rotate and magnify the ring in 360 ° HD to show all of the details.

2. Zales

Zales is a fantastic retailer that sells wedding bands and engagement rings in a range of designs.  A simple wedding ring must be at the top of your list while shopping at Zales. You can also build a unique template for your ring based on your preferences. For quality, a simple wedding ring from Zales is a great option.

3. Capucinne

Capucinne is a well-known retailer that sells a wide range of wedding rings and engagement rings. Capucinne has a large range of rings, but a simple wedding ring is at the top of the priority list. A wedding ring from Capucinne is a great choice in terms of product value and cost.

Luxurious Wedding Rings vs Simple Wedding Rings

The urge to purchase inexpensive and basic wedding ring sets is high, as rings for both her and him can be purchased for as little as $40-100. A single gold wedding ring would set you back at least $200, which means two rings will set you back at least $400. We believe that this price is reasonable, and that many couples choose this option because it is already valuable.

The more expensive anything is, it does not necessarily mean it is better quality. Only professionals or people who are fascinated with jewelry will note a difference in quality when contrasting simple gold and costly gold rings. Furthermore, the quality of the product is more dependent on the particular producer than on the price. As a result, you can spend a ton of money on wedding rings and see no distinction between them and those that cost a few hundred.

Since inexpensive rings are so common, they come in a variety of types. They could be very easy, but they could also include diamond-like stones. They are available in a variety of colors, including the standard gold and silver. Furthermore, affordable rings aren’t necessarily made of metal meaning you can find cool wood or silicone alternatives.

Styles that go well with Simple Wedding Rings

You may be looking for the ideal wedding band that has a touch of glimmer but isn’t heavily embellished with gems. A plain diamond band with a subtle gleam that dazzles admirers without dazzling them would be ideal for this. The beauty of a peaked wedding ring is in its simplicity and elegance. Peaked rings have become increasingly popular, and this rose gold version is ideal for the bride who wants a traditional wedding ring with a modern twist. You can also select a gold or silver style if rose gold is also not your thing.

Simple rings with faceted bands are also a perfect way to add a modern twist to the traditional round wedding ring. These diamond-studded rings seamlessly blend the conventional and the quirky for a sophisticated eccentricity look. Have your loved one’s fingerprint etched around the outside of a classic wedding ring to add a nostalgic touch. This design incorporates a one-of-a-kind feature while still maintaining the traditional wedding band style that so many people adore.

A millegrained diamond ring will add a slight twinkle to your left hand without being too dazzling. The elegance of this ring is suitable for the bride who wants a plain wedding band with a little sparkle. A slight curved design is perfect for achieving the minimalist look with an undertone of something unique. This silver number is classic and timeless, and it will add a touch of sophistication to your ring collection.


You will wear your wedding ring for years to follow, and for some men, it might even become the one piece of jewelry you own, so it’s essential that you really like it. Additional  details are an excellent opportunity to convey one’s personal style and identity. Simple and elegant is often a good choice, but extra details are an excellent way of expressing one’s individuality. A simple wedding ring can be customized with an unique engraving to make it absolutely special.