Things I learned buying a ring for my finance: What kinds of rings are men buying these days?

Every year in the US about 2 million men get engaged and buy an engagement ring for the first time.

This is now the first of many types of rings that men are expected to buy. How do I know this? I am a man whose finance educated me on these topics!

This is the progression:

  1. Decide if you want to marry your girlfriend (Yes or No)?
  2. If Yes, you will likely need to propose.
    1. If No, think about ending the relationship or setting expectations that you do not wish to get married.
    2. If Yes, buy an engagement ring.
  3. If your girlfriend says “Yes” to getting engaged, you will need to plan a wedding.
  4. A wedding ring is not an engagement ring. Usually (in the US nearly always) there are three rings involved for 2 people to get married:
    1. Ring #1: Engagement ring for women
    2. Ring #2: Wedding ring for women
    3. Ring #3: Wedding ring for man

The bulk of attention, focus, energy, and money goes to the engagement ring. Even after wed, many women wear their engagement rights. Some women wear two rings on their ring finger: their engagement ring and their wedding band. Some of these women wear the two rings side by side. Others have them fused together. 

From the moment your finance says “Yes” she will likely not take off her engagement ring. For most men, they will start wearing only a wedding ring (or band) the day that they are married.

Wedding rings are far cheaper than engagement rings. They are usually made of a solid metal (gold, silver, platinum) and don’t have diamonds, though every permutation is possible.

There is another type of ring that is increasingly popular and it’s called a Push Present or a Push Ring. This is a ring given to a woman after she delivers a baby.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a socially constructed event. My mother had me in the late 80s and she was given a high five by my father.

Today, the rules of engagement are different. If you plan on proposing you should plan on buying 3 rings: the engagement ring and two wedding bands. Plan on buying another ring (or piece of jewelry) if your wife has a kid.

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