What is a pre-engagement ring?

I decided that my girlfriend and I were serious enough that we should take the next logical step: get engaged. We had discussed the topic and both felt ready to take this important step towards marriage.

One thing that I didn’t purchase, but I had heard of, was a pre-engagement ring. This struck me as yet another thing society was trying to get me to buy. Admittedly I did do some research because I was curious and answered for myself the following two basic questions:

  1. What is a pre-engagement ring?
  2. Should I buy a pre-engagement ring?

What is a pre-engagement ring?

As I learned, a pre-engagement ring is a ring that someone (male or female) buys or wears to show that they are on the path to getting engaged. A pre-engagement ring can be worn on a ring finger but doesn’t need to be. It can also be worn on a necklace. 

I think the general idea behind a pre-engagement ring is a bit tacky, especially for more mature people getting married. If you are doing to get engaged, just do it already! Buying the pre-engagement ring just pushes back the inevitable and is one more thing that needs to be procured and given as a gift. 

On the other hand, especially for those with less money or who have been dating for less time, a pre-engagement ring is a more affordable way to signal commitment. You can easily get a pre-engagement ring for as little as $300 which is way less than buying a decent engagement ring. And you can signal to your partner that you are serious about your relationship and hope to marry that person one day.

Should I buy a pre-engagement ring?

The answer largely depends on your stage of life, financial status, and feelings towards your partner. Pre-engagement rings cost less and have no or fewer frills. They usually don’t have a large diamond or gem that make engagement rings pricey.

This is a positive as you can get such a ring without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, think about what the ring symbolizes. Do you want to get engaged or not? If you are too young to know (say: early 20s) a pre-engagement ring might be a solid way to test the feelings and see how you feel wearing a ring. If you are a bit older (say: early 30s), you should either propose or not and know where you and your partner stand without buying one more piece of jewelry.

Sometimes pre-engagement rings are called friendship rings. I dig that naming convention because it enables you to give or wear a ring without the pressure of thinking that the ring will lead you down a certain set path.

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